Lighting Controls – Advancing Led Lighting to the Next Level

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Lighting Controls: Advancing Your LED Lighting to the Next Level

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Lighting controls are advancing the way facilities use their LED lighting. Lighting controls allow facilities to customize their lights per room, floor or zone with dimmers, sensors and more. They can even be a part of a plan to create a more sustainable building or business. Lighting controls give budling managers a peace of mind knowing that their energy is being used conservatively and they are able to save money on utilities.

In our eBook, Lighting Controls: Advancing Your LED Lighting to the Next Level, you will learn;

  • Creating an action plan for your facility
  • When to use TLEDs
  • The types of lighting controls that fit your facility
  • Wireless versus wired lighting controls
  • Lighting controls ability to adjust task tuning and color control
  • The advancements of lighting design

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