Simple Lighting Control Strategies that Save Money

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There are a shocking number of buildings that have lighting strategies that waste energy and make spaces uncomfortable for employees. Productivity falls, and businesses lose money. The Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey states that lighting is responsible for up to 20% of electricity in commercial buildings. The high amount of wasted energy is typically due to higher than required lighting levels.

Using a few lighting control strategies can boost productivity and result in energy savings.

Smart Lighting Control Strategies

Building owners and managers are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs. Implementing smart lighting control strategies can reduce energy usage by as much as 60 percent.

Automating your lighting control strategies ensures maximum energy savings throughout the building.

Daylight Harvesting

Studies show natural daylight boosts productivity and decreases stress. Natural daylight is a primary request in the workplace.

Using a software-controlled lighting system with daylight harvesting, the program can detect the amount of natural light in employee spaces. It allows the system to detect the amount of available light in a space, ensuring all employees have the desired amount of light.

Daylight harvesting reduces light levels when there is enough natural light coming in. It saves energy and reduces overall operating costs.

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Vacancy Detection

Different areas in the building do not have the same lighting needs. While the lights are almost always on in large, open office spaces it doesn’t apply to all parts of the building.

Conference rooms and corridors are not always in use. Installing a vacancy detection system can help reduce lighting costs. The lights are only on when the space is in use. The lighting sensors can detect movement, turning the lights on when someone enters the room. When movement is no longer detected, the lighting controls turn the lights off.

Time Scheduling

Buildings, where employees have set schedules, can benefit from time-scheduling lighting. Owners and managers can program the lighting system to turn on and off automatically according to employees’ schedules.

Smart lighting systems take the hassle out of remembering to turn building lights off and on. Having the lights turn on automatically before employees arrive, can also increase safety.

Have you checked out our Lighting Controls Education page? We take an in-depth look at the different lighting control categories, from standalone controls to centralized full building control systems and everything in between.

Personal Dimming Controls

Dimming controls or task-tuning lighting allows employees to adjust light levels to their personal preferences.

New 0-10v dimming technology not only lets employees adjust lighting levels but also saves energy. Most commercial buildings are over-lit, and dimming controls allow employees to adjust the light to a comfortable level for their tasks.

Start Saving with Lighting Controls

Installing simple lighting controls does more than reduce energy costs. It also boosts productivity and employee comfort.

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