5 Reasons To Consider a Planned Lighting Maintenance Program

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As building managers, there is a constant decision point between outsourcing maintenance work to competent contractors, or trying to handle the work internally with your existing staff or a local vendor. The same is true for maintaining your interior and exterior lighting. Below we’ll look at the compelling reasons to outsource this type of work to a National Lighting Service Company and implement a planned lighting maintenance program.

Ensure Lighting Levels At Your Facility

We have all seen retail stores that have a light burnt out in their exterior signage. This lighting element, while minor, is a detriment to the overall brand. By contracting with a national lighting service organization, one of the benefits that your organization will receive is that your interior and exterior lighting will always be consistent. These contractors set up planned scheduled visits at interims of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly site visits to ensure that lighting is operating at optimum levels.

Minimizes Outages Over Time

By working with a lighting service contractor you minimize the risk of lighting outages. The proactive nature of these lighting service contracts ensures that a technician is visiting your facility on a scheduled cycle. Additionally, the technician is checking the reliability and health of your existing lighting components. This allows the serviceman to stop lighting issues before they become a larger more expensive problem for your organization.

Unburdening Internal Staff

Internal staff members are “task-saturated” with the burden of maintaining the existing facility or managing their store. These personnel have the short-term duty of ensuring the facility stays clean, safe, and functional, while also completing longer-term initiatives from management. By hiring a lighting service company to manage your interior and exterior lighting, you allow these internal staff employees to stay focused on the short and long-term objectives in front of them.

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Lighting Consistency

Maintaining lighting consistency is a key element when managing a facility. However, it is not the first thing that we think about when considering hiring a lighting service company or allowing an in-house team to manage the process. By outsourcing this work to a specialized lighting service company, you ensure that your lighting is consistent across all fixtures. Many times, when an internal maintenance person, or a local vendor, is tasked with changing out bulbs they often times use “what’s in the truck”. By doing this they inadvertently create inconsistent lighting in your facility. This potential issue is mitigated by utilizing a national lighting service provider. These contractors know the brand and type of product your organization utilizes to ensure a consistent experience for your patrons.

Product Cost Savings

One final benefit that you will receive by hiring a national lighting service provider is a more competitive price on the lighting products that you utilize. Lighting contractors buy product in bulk and therefore have an ability to negotiate prices down. Many contractors then pass these product cost savings on to their customers. Bulk purchase of product just isn’t available if you have your existing maintenance staff purchase, install and manage your existing lighting configuration.

Planned Lighting Maintenance Program

In conclusion, we can see that there are a number of tangible reasons to outsource your existing lighting service work to a national lighting service company. To discuss your Lighting Maintenance options with Action Services Group, by call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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