A.I. and Big Data Offer Enlightenment on Your Lighting Services

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Over the past ten years, we have seen the first substantive glimpses of the power A.I. and Big Data will have on our lives. A.I. is the pursuit of machines performing tasks usually reserved for human cognition, but don’t get your hopes up of A.I. matching human intelligence any time soon. The good news is, A.I. is at a stage where businesses can implement this groundbreaking technology in certain areas and reap consistent rewards. A.I. Applications can be categorized into four streams, which are all happening simultaneously but with different starting points and momentum: Internet A.I. – Measures the data that is automatically labeled as we browse the net. This torrent of labeled data builds into a detailed profile that businesses can tailor content to keep us on their platform and to maximize revenue and profits. Business A.I. – Algorithms can be trained on vast sets of proprietary data and lead business owners and managers to improve their decision making. By exploring hidden correlations that can escape human linear cause-and-effect logic, A.I. can outperform even the most sought-after experts. Perceptive A.I. – With the addition of adding eyes, ears, and a myriad of other senses, perceptive A.I. collects “New” data that has never been captured before and utilizes it to create new and exciting applications. i.e., Alexa and Siri Autonomous A.I. – This version of A.I. is the most difficult and integrates all other streams of A.I. and is most commonly seen in things like autonomous vehicles. Autonomous A.I. gives machines the ability to sense and respond to the world around them. While it’s exciting to discuss A.I. and imaging all the possibilities, we are in the infancy of an A.I. revolution, and businesses are in the process of incorporating A.I. into their everyday business life. So, the big question is; Where do you start?


Your Business and Big Data

When debating where to start your business’ journey into the exciting world of A.I. your first consideration needs to be big data. When incorporating A.I. into your business, you need to have massive amounts of proprietary data. Many companies start by compiling data on their customers and their purchasing behavior, but many other data streams are overlooked that have the potential for substantial monetary paybacks.

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Your Business’ Lighting Data

Be patient with us, some of you may be writing us off before you even consider the possibilities. Let’s consider a few scenarios before you go about the rest of your day. Scenario One: Maintenance Mishap Your organization owns and operates over 1000 locations across the country, with both new and old facilities. Some of your buildings are operating new LED lighting, but the majority are utilizing old lighting technology. Depending on the location and age of the building, you could be using fluorescents, incandescent or even halogen lamps. Do you know what type of lamps or even fixtures your structure is utilizing? What happens when you need to call in a repair? Your lighting technician is called and schedules a date to come out and replace some lamp outages. They show up on-location but realize they do not have the right lamps or equipment to replace them, and they must order the lamps. You won’t have new lighting for another three weeks, and it is affecting your brand image or even the safety of your staff and customers. If you compiled your lighting data, this would be a thing of the past. You would know exactly what lamps you have at each location and would be able to hire the appropriate lighting technician with the correct equipment and supplies to address the job. This was only one location, now compound this scenario for all of your sites and the time and money you would have saved for just this one scenario could be staggering. Scenario Two: LED Retrofit Roll-Out You operate 1500+ locations on the East coast, and you are transitioning to LED lighting on a roll-out schedule. Over the next three years, all of your locations will be upgraded to LED light, from your interior to your exterior. During a process of this magnitude having the lighting data for each of your locations could mean the difference between completing the project on time and under budget, or lost revenue and significant frustrations. With all of your lighting data available to you and your LED retrofit service provider, your project will run much smoother. You will be able to head off problems before they even start. Not all of your locations will have the same lamps and fixtures, by utilizing your compiled data you will be able to budget accordingly and attach an accurate time frame to your project roll-out. You will also know that for building one, you need a lift that can reach 25 feet, but for building two, you need a lift that can reach 40 feet. These may seem like little things, but when added up they can equate to a large amount of wasted time and resources. These are just two common scenarios that can affect you and your business, the possibilities for utilizing big data and A.I. to predict expected failures for budgeting purposes is only one option for businesses. This sounds like a great idea, and it would make your business life that much easier but implementing a big data project with the hopes of instituting an A.I. algorithm also costs time and money. You don’t have the budget for something like this. Or do you?

ServicePoint Solutions

Here at Action Services Group, we realized early on the importance of big data and the role it would play in the future of business. Our proprietary enterprise management software, ServicePoint Solutions was designed to offer businesses a place to compile and store big data on their lighting, and signage applications and services. ServicePoint Solutions was designed for the end-user and provides you with all of your lighting component data, key performance metrics, automatic service alerts, warranty and audit trails, and so much more. It also allows both Action Services Group and the customer to streamline implementation and execution of projects and programs ensuring they remain on schedule, on budget, with on-time deliverables. The best part of ServicePoint Solutions is that we allow access to our enterprise management software to our customers at NO Extra Cost. It’s like we are handing you the key components of A.I., and big data on a silver platter, all you have to do is utilize it. To get started with Action Services Group and ServicePoint Solutions, call 610-558-9773 or email [email protected] or schedule a call.


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