Building Automation Systems Optimize Facility Management

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Intelligent buildings with a building automation system (BAS) help manage mechanical and electrical throughout a facility, such as lighting, HVAC, and security systems. BAS are a vital tool used by facility managers to monitor, adjust, and optimize the way the building is running. BAS can be operated through Internet of Things (IoT) so it can run through a network and be managed at a central location for added convenience.

 A BAS has a few main components to help the system function properly:

  • Input devices
  • Gateway Controllers
  • Output devices
  • Communication protocols
  • User Interfaces

The input devices act as sensors to collect data throughout the building, which the gateway controllers decide what to do with that data. Then the output devices will carry out the commands from the gateway controllers through the communication protocols. The communication protocols assist each mechanism in talking to each other. Lastly, the user interface is how building managers will see those data reports through dashboards.

The extra assistance in operations helps building managers run their facility more efficiently and helps conserve energy being used. Facility managers can use the data collected by the BAS to decide lighting controls, increase, or decrease the temperature of the building or where to keep extra security measures based on the occupancy of the building zones or rooms. For example, occupancy sensors or timers can be installed as a means to restrict extra lighting being used in rooms that aren’t occupied. Also, the heating or cooling can be lowered during off hours of certain areas. Building managers can decide this with the assistance of the data BAS systems collect.

Click here to read the full article, originally published June 28, 2023, by Robotics and Automation News.


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