Digital Signage Ideas for Healthcare

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Digital signage is everywhere. Using either LED, LCD, or projection technology, digital signage is changing how consumers and businesses communicate. Businesses can use these signs to display messages, highlight products, advertise events, play videos, and so much more. In fact, the digital signage market is predicted to become a $45.3 billion industry by 2030.

One industry taking advantage of digital signs is healthcare. However, to get the most out of your digital signs you must display the right content. If you are struggling to find ideas, keep reading for some inspiration.

Advantages of Using Digital Signage

Some of the advantages of using digital signage in the healthcare industry often include,

  • Grabs consumers’ attention
  • Engages consumers
  • Cost-effective way to create content
  • Can update content in minutes
  • Advertise events
  • Inform and entertain consumers and employees
  • Content can be distributed to multiple locations simultaneously
  • Easy to schedule when content is displayed
  • Boosts brand recognition

Some types of digital signage can be integrated into your building’s smart technology.

Action Services Group has over 30 years of signage installation experience. When combined with our electrical solutions, project managers, and certified electricians, we offer a full turnkey digital signage installation solution. Schedule a call with us today and learn how we can assist you in your digital signage upgrade.

Digital Signage for Healthcare

Creating the right content can seem daunting. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Welcome Messages

Digital signage in the lobby allows you to create welcoming messages that can help put anxious patients and visitors at ease. The signage can also display the healthcare facility’s policies, display safety protocols, and even provide weather and traffic updates. It’s an easy way to keep patients and visitors informed during their time at the facility.

Appointment Kiosks

Check-in/appointment kiosks are an effective way of freeing up your employees’ time, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks. Patients can use the digital kiosks to sign in for their appointments, update their contact information, and even schedule follow-up visits.

Display Positive Messages

Using digital signage to display positive messages and patient testimonials can help put people at ease. Visiting a healthcare facility can be stressful, even for visitors. Putting them at ease and reassuring them their health is in good hands can make the experience more positive for everyone.

Showcase Café/Restaurant Menus

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities often have long wait periods. Patients and visitors often need to visit the facility’s café or restaurant. Using digital signage to display the current menus, along with information on nutrition, ingredients, and potential allergens can make the ordering process easier.

Provide Entertainment

Placing digital signage in waiting rooms is an excellent way to help patients and visitors stay entertained. Your content options are almost endless. You can provide wait time updates, making it easier for patients to plan their day. The signage can also display entertaining or informative videos. Keeping patients and visitors engaged while waiting can help them relax and stay entertained.

Display Maps

It’s often easy to get lost in a large healthcare facility, even with directional arrows on the floor. Wayfinding kiosks placed at strategic locations are an effective way of ensuring everyone can find their way around the facility. You can take it a step further by making the kiosks interactive, allowing individuals to input their desired destination. The kiosk can display the most efficient route. The routes can also be changed according to the facility’s traffic patterns to keep everyone moving along more efficiently.

Make a Donor Wall

A digital donor wall can help engage patients and visitors in the healthcare facility’s mission. You can list details about financial donors and display their photos and information on their foundations. The digital signage can also display the facility’s community outreach programs, and highlight upcoming events, and current fundraising efforts.

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Advertise Your Brand

With digital signage, you can promote the facility’s services. It’s more cost-effective than constantly replacing traditional signs. Digital signs are also more likely to capture patients’ attention and keep them engaged. You can also use digital signs to promote new services or welcome additional personnel to the staff.

Display Educational Content

Digital signage for healthcare is an effective way to promote educational medical content. You can display tips on healthy living and also use the signage to promote staff accomplishments. Not only does this reinforce a positive work environment, but it also showcases the proficiency of your healthcare staff.

Let Action Services Group Handle Your Digital Signage Install for Your Healthcare Facility

You have a lot on your plate, and so does your staff. Instead of taking time away from patient care to install digital signage, let Action Services Group take care of the project. To speak with Action Services Group about your digital signage needs call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.

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  1. Healthcare Digital Signage

    Digital signage enhances communication, patient experience, and operational efficiency in the healthcare industry. It also guides patients, visitors, and staff through the facility with interactive maps and clear directions to different departments, clinics, and amenities.


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