Electrical and Lighting Renovations Undergo and Braga Bridge

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Massachusetts Department of Transportation is renovating the Braga Bridge that connects over the Taunton River near the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The bridge is undergoing new lighting upgrades complete with lighting and extensive electrical safety improvements. Previous renovations on the wiring and electrical system were done 35 years ago and some structural renovations date back to 1986. The renovations are currently in the second and final phase of the project. The estimated cost of phase two is expected to double since their initial draft of the plans, from $8 million to over $16 million. Several of the renovations being done are desperately needed to ensure the safety of the bridge.

The bridge has been overdue for electrical upgrades which comprise of a complete replacement of the electrical system and load center, which is the equivalent of a breaker box. It will also be getting new aviation lighting systems for the safety of incoming aircraft. Lastly, color changing LED lighting is being added to the entire bridge.

Work is expected to begin over the summer and could last about three years to reach completion. Many infrastructures are switching to LED lighting to help conserve energy and promote sustainability. LED fixtures have more adaptability when it comes to lighting controls and color changing. The Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia is receiving similar lighting upgrades to improve the appearance of the bridge that stretches from Philadelphia, PA, to Camden, N.J.

Click here to read the full article, originally published May 4, 2023, by The Herald News.


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