Exterior Digital Signage Trending for Retail Businesses

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Digital screens in windows are becoming a popular trend for retail stores. It’s a great way to engage prospective customers and draw them into the store. They are eye-catching and feature dynamic content to deliver messages to their audience. Some messages could include sales that the store is offering, new merchandise or seeking out prospective employees. Since its digital rather than a static sign, the messages can be delivered through different mediums like videos, graphics, and audio.

When installing screens into windows, it’s important to do so strategically to ensure the best experience for the customers. Since it will be outside, business owners need to be sure that their screen can withstand the elements, such as different types of weather and the sun hitting it all day. On bright days, the screen can have glares or can too dark as the sunlight hits it. This can be solved with anti-glare screen protectors. Other screen protectors will also keep it safe from inclement weather. Then, business owners need to make sure that the screen brightness level adjusts as it goes from day to night. Like cell phones, some screens may have an automatic setting that can raise the brightness as it gets to nighttime.

When it’s time to choose which digital screen and where its going, discuss with the provider about your concerns to ensure the signage is going to be effective.

Click here to read the full article, originally published August 9, 2022, by Retail Customer Experience.


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