Factory Lighting Tips for Improved Productivity

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Manufacturing facilities are considering upgrading their factory lighting to energy-efficient LEDs.  Along with saving on energy usage and maintenance costs, LED factory lighting can also boost employee productivity.

Ready to consider upgrading your existing lighting? Here are some tips to consider.

Factory Lighting and Morale

Employee morale is something factory managers are always considering. When morale is up, productivity tends to increase. Making a factory lighting improvement can have a significant impact on worker morale.

Pay attention to color temperature. LED lighting is typically around 5,000 Kelvins. This lighting temperature closely mimics natural light which can inhibit melatonin production. As a result, employees are more focused and alert. Improving factory lighting can also improve workplace safety while making the factory look cleaner.


Improve Safety with a Factory Lighting Upgrade

Safety is paramount in factories and upgrading to LED lighting can make a noticeable difference. Employees are less likely to have accidents when they have adequate lighting.

LEDs are also typically made of an array of tens or even hundreds of individual light chips with highly directed lensing. This reduces shadows that can interfere with employees’ ability to easily see hazards in their way. LEDs also maintain brightness levels longer than HD lighting. Your older lighting system may still be functioning, only at reduced brightness levels. The lower light output can lead to an increase in employee accidents.

Improve Quality Checks

Improving quality checkpoints is something most factory managers think about. They do not want to send out inferior parts. A factory lighting improvement at inspection and quality check stations can help ensure every item passing through meets all specifications.

Switching to LED lighting can help prevent quality control issues like manufacturing errors and make it easier for employees to recognize improper or missing components. Since LED warehouse lighting is typically brighter than traditional fixtures, employees often find it easier to stay alert on both the assembly line and at quality control checkpoints.

Your employees make fewer mistakes and you also see improved quality control, which benefits all aspects of your business.

Boost Employee Health and Wellness

When you have poor lighting in your factory, headaches and eye strain are common complaints. Transitioning to LED factory lighting can reduce these health issues and cut back on employee sick days. Having all of your staff ready to work helps ensure your orders are being filled on time.

Another benefit of improved employee health and wellness is the reduction in production errors. This can save your business both time and money.

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Increase Manufacturing Productivity

Improving factory lighting can boost assembly accuracy and potentially speed up assembly operations. If sub-components can be located and orientated with more speed and accuracy, productivity typically increases.

LED lighting uses an advanced lensing system that helps ensure the light is directed where it needs to be.

Some of the benefits of improved factory lighting include a reduction in shadowing, better vision, and a boost in color recognition. With an increase in efficiency, you often see a productivity improvement.

Is it Time for a Factory Lighting Upgrade

Is it time to upgrade your factory lighting? There are plenty of reasons why you should consider switching to LED factory lighting. Whether you need more information about LEDs, assistance creating a lighting strategy, or help finding the right bulbs and fixtures we can help. Contact Action Services Group today to learn more about a factory lighting improvement strategy. Reach out to us at 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call. 


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