LED Warehouse Lighting, What Are the Benefits?

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It’s not uncommon for warehouse managers to ignore the overhead lighting until a bulb goes out. As long as the fixtures are providing illumination, they may believe the lighting system is adequate for the warehouse.

However, transitioning to LED warehouse lighting does more than produce energy savings. It can boost employee morale and productivity, while also improving workplace safety.

Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with using LEDs in your warehouse.


Energy Savings

LED warehouse lighting is energy efficient. LEDs use a fraction of the electricity compared to traditional bulbs. Imagine the savings you can see in larger warehouses. The fixtures start paying for themselves as soon as the installation is complete.

Adding to their energy-efficient properties, LED bulbs emit less heat than other types of luminaires. The reduction in heat output can lessen the load placed on your HVAC system, resulting in additional energy savings.

Transitioning to LEDs indicates your business is committed to the environment and sustainability. It’s something more and more consumers and stakeholders look for in a company they support.

For those interested in calculating your total savings when performing and LED warehouse upgrade, we have just the eBook for you! In our latest eBook, The Essential Guide to Calculating Energy Savings and ROI on any Lighting Project, we walk you through all of the calculations needed to assess your major savings.

Easy to Install and Maintain

A lighting retrofit can seem like a daunting task. However, installing LEDs is a quick and simple process that requires little to no downtime. It takes fewer tools to install LEDs, even high-bay fixtures have a simple installation process. LED high-bays typically come with extended power cords, eliminating the need for the installer to spend time searching for an extra one.

LEDs also come with instructions that walk you through the installation process.

Not only are LEDs easy to install, but they also do not require a lot of maintenance. LEDs have a typical lifespan of around 100,000 hours or 11 years. It means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on replacement bulbs. The long lifespan also reduces the amount of time employees spend replacing burned-out bulbs.

Boost Safety and Productivity

LEDs can improve employee safety by illuminating dark areas like catwalks, staircases, and aisles, helping to avoid collisions. The bright lights can also improve navigation in heavy traffic areas.

The cool, white light produced by LEDs is similar to daylight, which can help improve employee morale. The bright light also makes it easier for employees to work on the tasks. It reduces eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue caused by poor lighting.

When employees have adequate lighting, they are often more energetic and happy with their work environment.

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Smart Technology

Some LED fixtures come with smart technology. These features can increase energy savings by responding to the use of the area.

An example of smart technology is occupancy sensors. The sensors only turn the lights on when the space is occupied. When the area isn’t in use, the sensors automatically turn the lights off saving you money on energy usage.

Warehouses with forklift drivers can also benefit from occupancy sensors. Drivers don’t have to get down from the forklift to turn the lights on or worry about navigating poorly lit areas.

Something to remember is the difference between motion and occupancy sensors. While both smart controls automatically turn the lights on and off, only occupancy sensors can distinguish repetitive movements. It means the sensor won’t adjust the lighting due to a running fan or machinery.


Warehouses are busy places, and you want your light fixtures to be able to stand up to the rugged conditions.

LEDs are durable, the fixtures are less likely to break, or shatter compared to traditional lighting. LEDs also come with warranties, sometimes for as long as ten years. You can rest easy knowing your lighting is guaranteed to provide the necessary illumination.

Talk to Us About Your Warehouse Lighting Needs

Action Services Group is here to help with your LED warehouse lighting. Whether it is an LED retrofit or a next gen LED installation, we have the products and services necessary to upgrade your lighting. Contact us today to learn more about installing LEDs in your warehouse. Reach out to us at 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call. 


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