As your National LED retrofit and lighting project company, we field a lot of FAQ about commercial lighting solutions. With the continued drive for energy savings and a reduction in carbon footprints, many organizations are turning to lighting controls and energy saving LEDs.
But how can they actually help you and are the savings really worth it? Let’s take a look.

How Can I Increase Our Energy Savings?

As electrical usage costs continue to rise, businesses are taking steps to create a more energy-efficient work environment. Workplace lighting can account for up to 39% of your electricity usage in office buildings. The number jumps even higher for specialized businesses like hotels and hospitals. Below we look at how your business can employ energy-saving commercial lighting solutions that are also cost-effective to implement.

How Can Dimming Controls Help Save Energy?

Commercial-grade dimming controls are a great way to reduce energy usage. The lights only turn on when the space is occupied. Dimmers also make it easy to create the right ambience, and the small devices can last for over ten years.

How Can Single-room Lighting Systems Help Save Energy?

Single-room sensors are a cost-effective way to manage energy use in a specific space. Commonly installed in high traffic areas, the controls can also be integrated with other cost-savings features, like sensors. The sensors automatically turn off any lights in an unoccupied space forgotten by employees leaving the area.

Can Complete Building Management Help Save Energy?

Installing a complete building light management system effectively lowers energy usage and costs. Some of the features in the system include controls and shading that do more than adjust brightness and turn off unused lights. They can also reduce heat generated from HVAC systems, causing them to run less. Shading also improves comfort levels by reducing glare and hotspots. Comfortable employees are more productive, further increasing your bottom line.

Are There Energy Rebates and Incentives?

Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting comes at a cost, but rebates and incentives are making installation more affordable. Contact your energy provider to see which incentives the business qualifies for, along with your lighting partner.

Can Single Room Lighting Solutions Help Save Energy?

Single room lighting solutions will help you improve employee comfort and productivity, while also saving money and boosting your profit margin.

How Can Manual Controls Help Save Energy?

With manual lighting controls, you can reduce energy demand and save on electrical usage. Wall switches and remotes let employees adjust the lighting to their preferences. Studies show that a majority of workers prefer dimmer lights, further increasing your potential energy savings.

How Can Automated Lighting Controls Help Save Energy?

Automated lighting controls include sensors that turn the lights on and off according to the room’s occupancy. Automated shades help keep the temperature down by blocking glare and bright sunlight. Timers that automatically turn lights on before employee arrivals improve safety. Installing daylight sensors that track the sun’s movements are another way to boost employee performance and save on energy costs.

Action Services Group has been I the lighting business for over 30 years. As the go-to organization for lighting projects and energy savings solutions, our specialists are available to answer any of your commercial lighting solutions questions. You can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

What Type of Daylight Controls Help Save Energy?

Some daylight lighting controls to consider include sensors and automated shades that maximize your use of daylight, while still keeping the space comfortable.

Can Whole Building Lighting Solutions Help Save Energy?

Buildings are often over-lit. Lights are brighter than necessary and often left on in unoccupied spaces, resulting in wasted energy. Not only are you paying for the electricity, but it can also negatively affect employee performance. Adding energy-efficient lighting systems throughout the building reduces usage and maximizes your savings. These lighting solutions are scalable to meet your unique needs.

How Can Centralized Controls Help Save Energy?

With centralized controls, building managers can manage the lights from their laptops or smartphones. They can configure lighting fixtures, monitor usage, and get reports in real-time.

Can Scheduling Help Save Energy?

Scheduling controls allow you to automate your lighting and shading system. Set the lights to turn on and off according to employees’ schedules or to adjust brightness as needed throughout the day.

How Can Automatic Reporting Help My Organization?

You can track energy usage throughout the building and isolate potential issues before they become problems. Track any fixture failures and maximize your energy savings with the handy feature.

Can Daylight Savings Controls Increase My Energy Savings?

These energy-saving controls include lights that adjust automatically to the sun’s path. Automated shades that block heat and glare are another way you can save energy during the day.

Are Lower Heating and Cooling Costs Included?

Heat gain can reduce your energy savings and it can be a problem in larger buildings. Implementing controls that dim the lights reduce the load on your HVAC system. Shading systems are another feature that helps keep the space comfortable without over-taxing the heating and cooling system.

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Can Shading Solutions Save Energy in My Organization?

Sunlight coming in from windows and skylights boosts employee mood, but it can also force your HVAC system to work harder. Bright sunlight also produces an uncomfortable glare that can make the space difficult to use. An automated shading system reduces glare and heat. It can also be integrated into your other lighting controls.

How Do I Save Energy and Optimize Daylight?

Over-lit buildings are often uncomfortable for visitors and staff. Installing a shading system improves comfort, productivity, and saves energy.

Can We Boost Comfort and Productivity?

Lights and shades can be automatically set to create a comfortable workspace. You can set the controls to adjust according to the time of day.

How To Create a Flexible Space?

You can easily create different lighting zones in a large space using shading controls.

How Can We Reduce HVAC System Usage?

Shading controls block sunlight during the day, including heat in the summer. The shades also create a barrier in the winter, providing extra insulation against cold drafts.

Lighting Control Systems with Action Services Group

When it comes to integrating a lighting control system, we are here to help. We can help you choose the right products for your buildings, whether it is a single control or a complete system.
Our experienced lighting specialists can answer your questions on how you can reduce energy usage and improve your bottom line. Contact Action Services Group today at 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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