Hotel Lighting – New Focus on Comfort Over Savings

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While labor is the largest cost hotels contend with, energy usage is close behind. To combat rising energy costs, hotel lighting is seeing an upgrade to energy-efficient LED fixtures. An estimated 60 percent of hotels are implementing sustainability programs. Unfortunately, around 20 percent of hotels are not familiar with energy-saving programs. Instead of resolving their energy usage problems, these hotels are constantly reinvesting without seeing any noticeable improvements. It takes more than watching costs rise on energy bills to reduce electrical usage.

Why LED Lighting for Hotels Makes Sense

According to Tom Woodruff, GM of Inncom by Honeywell, a developer of energy-management solutions, “some hotels are seeing an 80-percent energy savings for lighting costs just from migrating their bulbs to LEDs.”

Advancements in LED technology are allowing hotels to change how they use lighting sensors. Previously, hotels relied on automated switches to turn on and off incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, but modern LEDs are changing how hotels use the sensors.

Instead of the older sensors that only turn the lights on and off depending on occupancy, LEDs can also improve the guest experience. For example, the sensor can turn the lights on when a suite door is opened.

“A great dissatisfier for guests is when they walk into the guestroom and can’t find the light switch,” Woodruff said. “Having it come on automatically is sometimes a relief, and in some cases holding open a door as you walk into a dark room with luggage can be a safety concern.”

Did you know we have an entire series on calculating your savings and ROI from a lighting project? In our 5 part series we cover everything for energy savings, maintenance, HVAC (yes there is even HVAC savings) and provide all for the calculations for you. Bonus, it is also available as a downloadable eBook.

How Lighting in Hotels Can Improve Guest Experience

Hotel lighting plays a vital role in guests’ experiences, starting in the lobby. Warm lighting at night can make guests feel welcome, while brighter white light in the morning helps visitors feel awake and energized.

Installing a primary control panel in guest rooms makes it easier for visitors to turn and adjust the lighting to their preferences. Whether it’s a bright bathroom light or a cooler one for watching television in bed. Dynamic night sensors can turn the lights on low when a guest gets up during the night. It increases safety and also helps ensure a more comfortable stay. The sensors can also turn the dim light off when movement has ceased.


Using Lighting Sensors in Hotels

Lighting sensors make it easy to tailor the lighting to meet guests’ needs. Light exposure can affect guests’ well-being and also helps to regulate circadian rhythms. Using lighting controls, guests can adjust the light for the time of day or year. Being able to control the intensity and color temperature of the light can help guests fall asleep faster, overcome jetlag, and wake up naturally.

Talk to Us About the Lighting in Your Hotels

Lighting in hotels does more than ensure guests can navigate the premise. It also plays a crucial role in guest experience. Lighting sensors can mimic natural daylight, turn lights on and off automatically, and more. LED lighting for hotels also reduces energy usage, resulting in savings.

Whether you are looking to upgrade to LED lights or want to learn more about installing lighting sensors in guest rooms, contact us today to see how we can help. Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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