How to Install LED Lighting Throughout Your Business

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When lighting is used strategically throughout a business, it can significantly benefit your company. LED lighting can make for a better workplace environment for employees and entice clients or customers to come back again. Installing LED lighting throughout your building will help conserve energy resulting in saving money on utilities. LEDs also provide more varieties in your lighting system like color temperature, wattage, and lighting controls.

When installing lighting or LED lamps, it’s important to consider the purpose of each room and space. Office spaces should be well lit but not overexposed that makes employees or clients uncomfortable under harsh lighting. Retail spaces may need lighting that shows off products but can add to the aesthetic of the store. Industrial spaces or storage facilities will need lighting that is bright and durable.

Task lighting solutions will be a major help to employees by making their work environment more comfortable. Task lighting solutions include desk lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting or lighting strips in areas that need a little extra light. Some task lighting can even be used instead of overhead lighting at times. In an office setting, an employee may opt to have just desk lighting on instead of the overhead lights to make the environment more comfortable.

Lighting controls can be customized specifically to the buildings’ needs. Popular lighting controls are dimming, motion sensors or timer sensors. Lighting controls help employees adjust their lighting to their specific needs plus will help conserve energy costs.

Click here to read the full article, originally published by Harlem World Magazine.


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