HPS vs LEDs for Greenhouses

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During the off-season, agriculturists use greenhouses to keep up with the demand of crops while preparing seeds to be ready for the Spring and Summertime. The best lighting fixtures inside greenhouses will be able to give plants the best life they deserve. Some plants can be very sensitive to temperature, lighting color and the heat that lamps can give off inside the greenhouse. In order to get them to grow properly and keep them healthy, the choice between LEDs and high-pressure sodium can have a long-lasting effect on the plant’s quality.

LED retrofits have shown proven results compared to the commonly used high-pressure sodium lamps. HPS and LEDs are the most similar to each other in maintenance requirements and lifespan but differ in energy consumption and overall lighting performance. Plant growers must choose the lamp that is best for their plants but also feasible for their finances. Both lamps have their own benefits to help crops grow and make growers satisfied with their quality.


Benefits of HPS for Plants

Agriculturists have been choosing high-pressure-sodium (HPS) lighting for their crops and it has been the most popular lighting for greenhouses for a while. The highlights of HPS lighting are that they are the cheapest option on the market and their size is smaller than fluorescents and LPS. HPS also have a variety of colors that the lighting can give off for each plant. HPS lighting even has the second longest lifespan following LED lamps. Most HPS lighting needs to be changed approximately twice a year.

Benefits of LEDs for Plants

LED lighting has been gaining more momentum in the agriculture world. Even though it has a higher upfront cost than HPS lighting, they pay off in the long run and can lead to a better ROI. LEDs are able to cut energy usage and lower utility bills. They require lower maintenance because they have one of the longest lifespans on the market. They have a wide range of colors and temperatures to choose from and can be easily adapted to have lighting controls such as dimming and other sensors. Crops need to thrive with specific care. Since LEDs give off less heat, they won’t interfere with the temperature of the plant’s environment.

Choosing LEDs for your Crops with Action Services Group

LEDs advanced lighting technology is better suited for preserving the life of crops than HPS lighting fixtures. Retrofitting your greenhouse can benefit your finances and your plants. LEDs show a higher quality of lighting and proves to be a better long-term investment than HPS lamps. Action Services group can help you plan your retrofit customized to your and your plants lighting goals.

Contact us today with all of your lighting questions and see how we can help with your retrofit project. Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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