In-house vs. Outsourced Project Management

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A good project manager is a viral team member, most often playing a crucial role. They are responsible for planning, budgeting, running, and managing the project. They keep track of everyone’s work to ensure the project is finished successfully and on time. But which is better, an in-house or outsourced project manager. We’ll take a look at each option so you can decide which one is right for your next lighting or electrical project.

What is the Role of a Project Manager?

Project managers are team leaders responsible for the following,

  • Create developmental processes
  • Plan a budget and ensure it stays on track
  • Resolve any issues that occur with the project
  • Collaborate with the client and team members to ensure all requirements are met

Even after the project manager assigns work to the various team members, the planning stage is still ongoing. It continues for the duration of the project. Customers can provide new information that require changes and other issues can occur.

Knowing how and where to hire a project manager can be an issue for companies. You also need to decide if you want to hire an in-house project manager or outsource the job.


In-house vs. Outsourced Project Management

Several factors typically decide if you want to hire in-house project management or outsource. Your requirements, development team expertise, and the scope of the project can all affect your decision.

In-house project management can be a good option for your in-house development team. These managers are typically US-based and have a good connection with your team. It allows for easier organization which translates into smooth project management.

Outsourced project management is often more cost-effective. It may be a good idea if your developers are also outsourced. You can increase collaboration efforts when the project manager and development team are from the same company.

Like everything else, there are pros and cons associated with both types of project managers.

If your organization is considering outsourcing your project management, we suggest reading, What to Look for in an Electrical Project Management Company. We cover the top 5 traits for any project management company.

Pros and Cons of Hiring In-house Project Management

Since in-house project managers are onsite, they have a close relationship with other team members. They are always available to answer any questions developers and you may have. If they are on location, they can also more easily manage the project to ensure its success.

Pros of Hiring In-house Project Management

  • They have access to in-house personnel.
  • Greater involvement and interest in the company culture.
  • Better collaboration between them and in-house personnel.

Cons of Hiring In-house Project Management

  • Hiring an in-house project manager is not the best option if the project is short-term.
  • Usually, they are substantially more expensive.
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Pros and Cons of Hiring Outsourced Project Management

Outsourcing project management is cost-effective and typically works great for short-term projects or multi-site projects.

Pros of Outsourcing Project Management

  • High level of collaboration between the project manager and the on-site team.
  • New ideas on the development process and business in general.
  • Cost-effective.

Cons of Outsourcing Project Management

  • More time for a project manager to learn about your business.
  • Lack of involvement in the company’s project.
  • More time to get to know new in-house team members.

Outsourced Project Management with Action Services Group

Before you decide on an in-house or outsourced project manager for your next lighting or electrical project, consider your goals, project requirements, and budgets. If an outsourced project manager is your best option, contact us today.

To learn more about Action Services Group and our lighting and electrical project management capabilities, call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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