What are the Responsibilities of an Electrical Project Manager?

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Construction projects move along at a rapid pace and multiple changes to the original plans are common. Even skilled general contractors can find it difficult to keep up and ensure the project is running on time. Electrical project managers need access to resources and tools to effectively deal with incoming data. To deal with the changing challenges, the Action Services Group electrical project managers are introducing new technologies to streamline project coordination.

What is Electrical Project Coordination?

The Oxford Handbook of Project Management describes electrical project coordination as ensuring communication and information-sharing among everyone involved in the project. It consists of organizing people, information, and job activities so every aspect of the project runs seamlessly.

Project coordination should happen at the internal and external project levels.

Internal coordination ensures company resources are kept up-to-date on the project status and have the tools necessary to provide support. It includes procurement specialists, the prefab department, field staff, accounting, and estimating personnel.

External coordination refers to parties who are part of the project team but are not employed by the company. Some examples include engineers, architects, suppliers, and vendors.

All of our Action Services Group electrical project managers utilize ServicesPoint Solutions – Powered by Fexa, our advanced enterprise management systems, that helps streamline project management and acts as a focal point for connecting people, processes, and technology. Learn more here.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Electrical Project Manager?

An electrical project manager helps coordinate the construction process and supports the agreed-upon schedule. Some of these responsibilities can include,

Changing Orders

  • Communicate changes with on-site personnel
  • Update logs with new proposal costs
  • Review and update logs to account for potential damages, CBs, RFIs, and GC or owner requests
  • Send updated costs to GCs and customers
  • Ensure approved changes are incorporated into the project plan

Project Execution and Tracking

  • Change orders and accounting hours as necessary
  • Hold weekly review meetings
  • Communicate outputs and future actions based on productivity, trending, composite rate trends, projection, and any obstacles discovered at the job site.


  • Create and update AIAs and bill customers
  • Review field work order and bill accordingly

Drawing Logs

  • Accurately maintain and archive all documents
  • Post addenda, RFI responses, and change orders into drawings
  • Create a drawing log


  • Track and update the construction project schedule
  • Monitor the scheduling process
  • Create and send progress reports


  • Fill out vendor information forms
  • Create and maintain a procurement log
  • Coordinate with company purchasing personnel to track delivery status
  • Check purchase order numbers
  • Coordinate job-site deliveries
  • Track and record material costs
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Electrical Project Coordination with Action Services Group

The pace of construction projects is not slowing down. Everything is expected to run smoothly and quickly from the start of the project to the end. Bringing in an electrical project management company that has investing in new technology is a good way to guarantee your projects success.

To ensure you are keeping up with today’s faster-paced electrical projects, contact us today to learn more about our technology and services. Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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