Incandescent Bulb Ban Signed into Congress

by | Aug 18, 2023 | 0 comments |

The incandescent bulb ban is beginning to take full effect in order to promote a more sustainable living and encourage the switch to LED lamps. Consumers will save billions of dollars every year in commercial properties and households by switching their lighting fixtures to LED bulbs. Phasing out incandescent bulbs is one of the many steps the Department of Energy is making in their Appliance and Equipment Standards Program to incorporate energy efficient appliances in homes and properties.

Since LED lights have a lower energy consumption compared to incandescent lights, it will help the environment and lower utility bills for homeowners and property managers. LEDs’ lifespan is significantly longer than incandescent lighting, resulting in less replacements needing to be done and fewer maintenance trips. When fewer lights are being replaced, it results in less waste being used by property owners. They also help keep buildings safer since the bulbs won’t burn out as quickly and their enhanced lighting performance.

LED retrofits can help transform commercial facilities by helping property owners and facility managers accomplish their lighting goals. Using Action Services Group’s turn-key solutions, the best lighting options will be provided that help save time, money, and resources by increasing energy savings, maintenance savings and lighting performance.

Click here to read the full article, originally published August 1, 2023, by CBS News.


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