LED Flood Lights – A Look at Commercial Applications

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Using LED flood lights come with multiple advantages. The energy-efficient lamps are a cost-effective way to illuminate indoor and outside commercial spaces. An LED floodlight has a broad beam angle. It can light up large dark spaces, giving the illusion of daylight.
Flood lights increase safety in darker areas like warehouses and parking lots. Burglaries are shown to decrease in areas with plenty of light. LED floodlights are versatile, and property owners can use the fixtures in a variety of commercial applications.


Arenas and Stadiums

Did you know a stadium in England was the first to use outdoor flood lights back in 1878? It’s also the first-time flood lights were used in a commercial application.  LED flood lights came along about a century later to provide energy savings.
Floodlights in arenas and stadiums are now standard practice. The bright lights easily illuminate every corner of the playing field. Concert arenas also employ flood lights, along with many outdoor events.


Warehouse Facilities

Warehouses are expansive buildings with plenty of dark corners and back spaces. Installing LED flood lights improves safety for employees and helps to discourage break-ins. Thieves rarely target well-lit spaces, preferring to sneak around in the dark.
To save on energy usage, building owners can install flood lights with motion sensors. The lights only turn on when they detect movement.

There are significant benefits for warehouses and distribution centers that convert their lighting to LED. In our blog; LED Retrofit Benefits for Distribution Centers and Warehouse, we take an in-depth look at the benefits of upgrading the different forms of lighting over to LED.

Streets and Parks

Well-lit streets cut down on neighborhood crime and prevent traffic accidents. LED floodlights can also make parks, city squares, and other public gathering spaces safer for residents. Along with reducing crime, the wide-angle beam from the floodlights illuminates any potential hazards along the paths.


Parking Lots

No one likes walking through a dark parking lot. It’s potentially dangerous, even in low-crime neighborhoods. Installing flood lights helps keep people and vehicles safe. Even if you have residual light from street lamps, it’s still a good idea to invest in energy-saving LED flood lights.


Commercial Properties

Business centers and shopping malls are large properties requiring plenty of illumination. Installing outdoor flood lights that brighten up dark parking lots and showcase the building is a smart business move. Employees and visitors feel safer on the property. An added advantage is using floodlights to highlight the building. You can improve the brand while helping to ensure everyone’s safety.

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LED Flood Light Upgrades with Action Services Group

Upgrading your flood lights to LED is a smart move for organizations. An LED’s superior illumination quality allows for an even spread of light, with no dark or overly bright spots. To get started with retrofitting your flood lights to LED, contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email info@actionservicesgroup.com, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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