LED Lighting Benefits for Your Hotels Brand – Part 1 Exterior Spaces

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Hotel brands that deliver a consistent and personalized experience for guests have found this to be key to their long-term success. These hotels fine-tune the brand experience to meet their guests’ emotional needs. It includes every aspect of visual branding, but one plays an irreplaceable role. A hotel’s lighting shapes almost every aspect of the guest’s stay.

While you can sit back and take our word about the importance of lighting, we want to show you data that reveals how influential lighting can be. Lighting can benefit every part of the hotel. It positively influences guests’ stays and helps hotels save money on energy costs.

Benefits of Using LEDs for Exterior Hotel Lighting

Your guests may research your hotel and book their stay online, but their first impression of your hotel occurs when they drive into the parking lot. Hotel brands with welcoming exterior spaces are more likely to make a great impression on their guests. You want the building’s exterior to welcome guests. It can encourage them to continue to return to the brand.

Architectural LED Lighting

The importance of your hotel’s visibility cannot be understated, especially at night. It is the basis for your guests’ first impressions. You want your hotel to be the oasis travel-weary guests have been looking forward to arriving at.

Difficult-to-spot hotels are often off-putting to guests. They are already expecting to have a less-than-stellar experience during their stay. To ensure your hotel brand is visible from the street, vivid LED lighting will help the building’s architecture stand out from the competition. It also helps your hotel make a positive first impression. After a day of traveling, guests appreciate being able to quickly identify their intended hotel.


Exterior LED Lights for Landscaping, Safety, and Wayfinding

You may not pay attention to your hotel’s landscaping, other than to ensure it’s green, but your guests will. Landscaping is often part of a guest’s first impression. It also applies to wayfinding. After all, do you want to stay in a hotel with poor landscaping and dark walkways?

Did you know the repeat guest booking rate ties into the quality of a hotel’s outdoor spaces? Guests prefer to stay in hotels with well-lit outdoor spaces. It is especially true at night. Guests do not want to wander around unfamiliar pathways in the dark.

Poor lighting is also a common reason for guest slips and falls. These injuries may not be severe, but they are costly to hotel brands. Lawsuits can range in the thousands or even millions.

Show Your Hotel is a High-Quality Brand

Architectural LED lighting determines how easily guests can find your hotel. It also impacts their overall view of your brand.

These perceptions are internal associates within the human brain. Instinctively, we prefer places with plenty of light to provide us with feelings of safety and security.

Hotel brands with bright exterior lighting are naturally interpreted by our brains as safe and welcoming spaces.

Giving your guests this feeling of security translates into a higher rate of satisfaction with their stay. It’s a step towards ensuring your guests view your hotel brand as being a step above the rest.

Exterior LED Hotel Lighting with Action Services Group

Whether your hotel is looking to perform an LED retrofit on your exterior hotel lighting or even upgrade to next gen LED’s Action Services group is here to offer you the assistance you need.

To speak with one of our LED lighting specialists, call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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