LED Lighting Benefits for Your Hotels Brand – Part 2 Interior Spaces

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This is Part 2 of LED Lighting Benefits for Your Hotel Brand. If you miss Part 1 Exterior Spaces, you can read it here.

Exterior hotel lighting lays the foundation for your guests’ impressions of your brand. You want to continue this to the interior to create a lasting favorable impression.

Your interior lighting also affects staff, and you want the experience to be positive to promote employee safety and productivity.

Benefits of Using LEDs for Interior Hotel Lighting

The benefits of using LEDs for interior hotel lighting extend beyond illuminating indoor spaces. It can also reduce energy costs and improve guests and staff’s experiences at your hotel.

Architectural LED Lighting to Welcome Guests

Your guests’ favorable impression of your brand starts in the parking lot, and LED lighting can continue this inside.

Instead of treating your interior lighting as an afterthought, consider the type of impression you want to give your guests. Some hotel brands want guests to feel energized and excited, while others strive to instill a sense of rest and comfort. Using LED lighting in your atriums, entrances, and foyers gives you the design flexibility to create an impression that fits with your hotel brand.

LED lighting also allows you to highlight an important entryway aspect, it’s color.

A joint study on hotel entrance lighting from Purdue and Brigham Young University discovered,

“The color of lighting within a hotel’s entrance and entryways was the biggest factor in reinforcing a desired emotional response within guests as they entered the building.”

While there are many benefits of LED lighting beyond energy savings, we understand the desire to know exactly how much you would “Save” with an LED Retrofit. In our eBook, The Essential Guide to Calculating Energy Savings and ROI on any Lighting Project, will help you figure out what “savings” to expect!

LED Lighting in Hotel Restaurants and Dining Areas

With LED lighting, you have control over how guests view your hotel’s restaurants and dining areas.

Poor quality, inconsistent, and spotty lighting will negatively affect guests’ experiences in food services spaces. Your guests may leave feeling the food and service were sub-par. These feelings can spill over into the rest of the guest’s stay.

When your lighting is in alignment with the emotional experience the hotel wants to generate, guests are more likely to leave hotel dining areas feeling happy they stopped in for a bite or drink.

Foodservice industry research leader Technomic finds two vital factors for hotel food service brands are the color of the food and sustainability.

Hotel guests are placing a greater level of importance on food quality and freshness. While color is an aesthetic, guests also look at it as an indication of the food’s quality, freshness, and nutritional content. 

When the food color does not match guests’ expectations due to poor lighting or freshness, the hotel brand can take a hit in negative reviews and a lack of returning customers.

Along with food color, guests are also concerned with sustainability. They often look for hotel brands that are working to reduce their carbon footprints.

LED lighting can take care of both food color and sustainability.

Using LED lighting controls, your hotel’s restaurant can create the ideal ambiance while also reducing energy consumption. Combined, these have a profound effect on your hotel restaurant’s guests. They tend to spend more, and it increases the likelihood they will return to the restaurant again.


Promote Safety and Activity in Hotel Gyms and Pools

Hotel gyms and pools are amenities that attract guests. Families can enjoy spending time in the activity areas, and frequent travelers can stay fit and active away from home.

Lighting plays a key role in how guests perceive and use these spaces. Consider this 2019 study of frequent gym users. The study finds 6 key elements that improve their perception of the activity space and the quality of their workout.

  • Security, both in accessing the space and the throughout the space itself
  • Bright lighting that kept them alert and motivated
  • Large, uninterrupted spaces
  • Environmental friendliness of the space itself
  • High-energy music to keep their mood elevated
  • Other people in the space

Lighting solutions show guests your brand is willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs for safety and motivation. LED lighting also shows your hotel is an environmentally conscious brand. Like your guests, sustainability is important to the hotel.

When hotels meet their guests’ needs in activity spaces, positive reviews and repeat stays are common.

Create a Productive Atmosphere in Conference and Meeting Rooms

Hotel brands around the world are working to reduce their carbon footprint and create eco-friendly workspaces. Ongoing data is continuing to support the link between bright lighting, productivity, and cognitive performance.

Using LED lighting in your hotel’s conference and meeting rooms allows you to do this, while positively impacting a large sector of your guests, business travelers.

LED lighting in meeting areas, conference rooms, and above guests’ desks creates high-productivity spaces that will continue to draw them back to your hotel. These guests know they have spaces where they can focus and get their work done.

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Guest Rooms Feel Relaxing, Cleaner, and Safer with LED Lighting

Hotel lighting benefits extend to guest rooms, and it’s the most impactful. How guests view and feel about their rooms directly affects every aspect of their stay. It is also a determining factor in deciding if they will book another visit.

Guests like to control the environment in their rooms. It includes room temperature and lighting.

Some guests prefer warm and cozy lighting, while others want bright light to maximize their productivity.

Unfortunately, not every hotel brand pays attention to guest room lighting. Poor lighting is one of the most commonly cited reasons a guest will not be returning for another stay.

LED lighting solutions in guest rooms can improve their stay. The lighting is flexible, allowing you and your guests to create the ideal environment.

Clean, well-lit rooms that align with your brand and guest needs are what consistently win long-term loyalty.

There are major benefits to making your guest feel comfortable. In our blog, Hotel Lighting – New Focus on Comfort Over Savings, we review how this new trend can increase your hotels profit while “Saving” you on energy costs.

LED Lighting Also Benefits Hotel Staff

LED lighting benefits your hotel brand and guests, making the investment extremely worthwhile.

Did you know LED lighting can also benefit your staff? Their performance and safety can be significantly improved. Here’s a look at some of these benefits.

Hotel Staff is Alert and Attentive

Bright LED lighting has the same effect on hotel staff as your hotel guests. Your staff is more productive, and studies indicate cool white lighting (6000k) can increase visual speed and reaction times, sometimes by as much as 15%.

It translates into a workforce that is more alert and attentive. They are better able to catch mistakes that can turn into expensive problems for your hotel brand.

Reduces Risk of Injuries

Employee safety is as important as keeping your guests safe. Your staff keeps your hotel’s operations rolling along smoothly. Disruptions caused by employee injuries can have a negative effect on your guests’ stays. It can also be costly for the hotel in the form of medical bills and potential litigation.

LED lighting provides a bright workspace that encourages employees to remain alert and attentive. This alone reduces the risks of injuries. The bright light also reduces the risk of trips and falls.

Your brand is safeguarded from costly employee lawsuits and your hotel has a staff that is ready to meet your guests’ needs.

How Interior Hotel LED Lighting Affects Operational Costs

Whether it’s an LED retrofit for a single location or a large brand outfitting a new hotel with energy-efficient lighting, costs are always a concern.

LED lighting fixtures are more expensive upfront, but your hotel will see a return on the investment. Immediate and long-term savings include,

  • You immediately reduce your monthly energy costs
  • You significantly and permanently cut your total energy usage
  • You save time and money on regular lighting maintenance

Don’t forget rebooking’s from guests who enjoyed their experience at your hotel.

Create Long-Lasting Brand Success with LED Lighting

Lighting is crucial for hotel exteriors and interiors. It provides guests with their first impression of the hotel brand and carries over into every aspect of their stay.

Whether it’s a retrofit or installing Next Gen LED lighting, contact us today to see how we can help you use lighting to highlight your brand! Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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