LED Lighting for Self-Storage Facilities

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Facility managers for self-storage sites have a responsibility to ensure lighting throughout their facility is properly maintained. Self-storage facilities can be targets for theft, so safety is one of their top concerns. Poorly lit corridors and storage units can leave tenants vulnerable to crime and accidents. Managers should do regular walkthroughs to see what areas need maintenance. LED lighting is a tool facility managers can take advantage of to ensure the safety of their facilities, their tenants, and tenants’ belongings.

LEDs are a perfect option for self-storage facilities. Many facilities and commercial properties are installing LED lighting to help improve the lighting quality of their buildings. LEDs also pair well with lighting controls and networked lighting controls which gives facility managers more flexibility and power over the lighting.

LED lamps have one of the longest lifespans on the market. When storage lockers, hallways and the building’s exterior are well lit, then the facility manager will be able to deter crime from transpiring in the facility. Their long lifespan will help ensure lighting won’t go out and need to be replaced so frequently. When an LED lamp is installed, it lasts numerous years longer than a fluorescent or other alternative lighting. As an added bonus, their energy-efficient qualities will help the facility conserve energy and save money on utilities.

Click here to read the full article, originally published August 30, 2023 by Inside Self-Storage.


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