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As a building owner or facility manager, you may or may not have heard the term “lighting-as-a-service”. In today’s post, we will start by first defining what lighting-as-a-service is, then we will go into the particulars of how this program can help your business in the following areas: saving time, saving money and save energy expense.

What is Lighting-As-A-Service?

Before we define what lighting-as-a-service is, I would like to give some historical context into how new lighting systems were purchased and secured. In the past, if you wanted new lighting for your facility you would need to research the new lighting on your own time, then pay a large up-front payment to secure the lights. Lighting-as-a-service changes this paradigm for your organization. Instead of having to research products, work with installers, and pay large upfront costs, now you just pay one small easy payment on a monthly basis. Basically, the lighting-as-a-service program allows you to utilize a subscription base procurement method that includes product, installation and monthly maintenance monitoring that may be necessary throughout the duration of the contract.

Why Lighting-As-A-Service?

Lighting in your retail or commercial facility is a key component of the customer experience. Having dimly lit aisles in your store hampers business and frustrates customers. However, historically purchasing new lighting for your facility has been cost-prohibitive because of the large capital outlay needs for a lighting retrofit. These lighting projects while necessary and very important to the aesthetics would often put a real strain on monthly cash-flow of the business. This is where lighting-as-a-service really adds value to owners. This program allows them to install the necessary lighting immediately, while simultaneously allowing them to conserve cash to run their business. The monthly payment is classified as an operational expense keeping your capital free for investment in your business. In addition to the ease of procurement, lighting repairs and maintenance also become easier. With a lighting-as-a-service program, at any point during the contract term if there are issues or repairs that need to be completed the service provider will address them with no out of pocket expense to your organization. These maintenance items are included in your monthly price, so budgeting for variable lighting maintenance expenses has never been easier.

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As we can see lighting-as-a-service is a unique program built around customer needs. This allows business owners to implement the lighting they need without consuming capital dollars that may be needed elsewhere. In addition, the repair and maintenance hassles are eliminated by including this component into the monthly payment. To learn more about how lighting-as-a-service could work for your organization, reach out to us here at Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call We would be happy to put together a no-obligation proposal for your organization. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.


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