Lighting Controls Help Promote Sustainable Hospitality

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Sustainability is a driving force behind businesses. It often involves using renewable energy and recycling. In the hospitality industry, sustainability includes reusing towels and purchasing recycled paper products for guests, but it can also extend to lighting. Hotels can give their guests their ideal experiences, while also promoting sustainability with LED lighting.

Here are a few ways hotels with LED lights are contributing to their guests’ experiences and promoting sustainability.


Hospitality LED Lighting in Guestrooms

Guests want to be comfortable in their hotel rooms and it includes controlling the lighting. Instead of offering guests the standard array of toggle switches for lamps and overhead lights, hotels are investing in controllable LED lights.

Using well-labeled, robust lighting control panels, hotels can achieve two goals. They are making their guests’ experiences more comfortable while also practicing sustainable hospitality.

Even simple dimming and daylight lighting controls can save your facility and additional 15-20% in energy savings, on top of your LED energy savings. Offer your guests a more enjoyable experience all while saving on energy and boosting sustainability.

Sustainable Hospitality with LED Automation

LED lighting keypads, switches, and dimmers are a start towards sustainable hospitality. Hotels with LED lights can take it a step further with automation. It includes using wireless technology combined with sensors to ensure the lights are only on when the guest is in the room.

A robust guest management system includes sensors that adjust the lights and room temperature according to occupancy. The system can also provide hotel staff with information on the room’s status. Staff can know when the room is unoccupied, allowing them to clean the space without disturbing the guest.

Using wireless LED lighting technology also adds to the hotel’s sustainability practices. The system uses fewer plastic and metal components which also saves on purchasing and installation costs.

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Daylighting and Shading

Draperies and shades are often overlooked, but they are important parts of sustainable hospitality. They block out sunlight and keep the space cooler without needing to overrun an air conditioning unit. They can also help keep heat inside during the winter.

Like LED lighting, shades can also be automated ensuring guests’ comfort throughout their stay.


Hospitality LED Lighting Strategies

Hotels with LED lights are showcasing their commitment to the environment and following sustainable practices.

LED lighting controls are available in a range of products from dimmers, sensors, and switches, to the panel and connected hardware. More robust LED lighting systems can track energy usage, relaying the information to hotel staff. Hospitality managers can even control the system from a convenient smart device.

LED lighting controls are a win for everyone. The controls allow hotels to sustainably manage their lighting, while also ensuring guests are comfortable in their rooms.

If you are ready to install automated LED lighting and other energy efficient products in your hotel or have questions about sustainable hospitality practices, contact us today to learn more! Call 610-558-9773, emailing, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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