New Innovations for Lighting Control Technology

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Facility managers are seeking out different ways to manage networked lighting controls throughout the buildings. Lighting controls help create a central control to manage all of the lighting and HVAC throughout the building.

There are a few ways that lighting controls and HVAC can be managed remotely. First is through Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is when your network of lights is connected over the internet and monitored through smart devices like cell phones or computers. Other aspects of the facility can be optimized through IoT like security and HVAC. Luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) are a common trend lighting controls. This combines LEDs, lighting controls and connectivity to incorporate different types of controls and sensors. Some of these sensors include occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, dimming and more. AI is one of the newer emerging trends for lighting controls. AI keeps track of your data and activities to optimize the lighting network for you. AI is being used in almost every industry to improve day to day functions and tasks.

When there is more control, then there are more opportunities to conserve energy and lower utility bills. Different types of sensors limit the amount of electricity being used in the building throughout the day, such as dimming or occupancy sensors. Lighting controls also improve the environment and the aesthetic of the buildings. Certain types of lighting controls have been proven to improve the mood, health, and productivity of employees. By making the environment more comfortable, employees will have a better experience during the workday.

Click here to read the full article, originally published June 6, 2023.


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