Comparing Wired and Wireless Lighting

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The lighting controls market is changing again. Today’s lighting controls are wireless, making them easily scalable. Lighting controls are no longer limited to a set schedule. Now, automated lighting control systems use information about the environment to reduce energy usage by using occupancy, temperature, and daylight data to set lighting levels.

What’s even better about the new lighting controls is they work with wired and wireless lighting systems. So, what does the new technology mean for you and your facility? We’ll take a look at this and the differences between wired and wireless lighting.

Advantages of Wired Lighting

Wired lighting systems are connected to a centralized location. It means all controls, circuits, and wires are connected. You can control the lighting system from a single device or keypad. It gives facilities a smarter, more energy-efficient system.

Benefits of Wired Lighting

Wired lighting systems have two benefits facility managers appreciate.

  1. Most wired systems are a breeze to install. The systems often come directly from the factory and require little programming. Connect the components and the lighting system is ready to go. You also rarely need to worry about interference between the various lighting fixtures.
  2. Wired lighting systems are a smart and reliable solution for commercial retrofit projects. The low risk of interference minimizes the risk of non-responsive fixtures. New builds can benefit from the simple installation.

Wired lighting systems do come at a cost. They are expensive to install from the ground up but improve reliability and connectivity that help the system pay for itself over time.

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Advantages of Wireless Lighting

Instead of using wires, wireless lighting systems employ radio waves. Battery-powered devices in the system are hardwired to the electrical system.

So, how does a wireless lighting system work? Lighting controls communicate with a wireless receiver added to the programmable network during installation.

Wireless lighting controls are a popular solution in commercial projects due to the advanced dimming capabilities and lower installation costs.

Benefits of Wireless Lighting

Since wireless lighting systems are easily scalable, there’s almost no limit to the number of luminaires you can install. All you need are the corresponding control nodes to communicate with the signal devices.

Contractors installing wireless lighting systems can get rid of 0-10V wiring. You are using CAT5 cables which reduce the number of devices you install. During installation, you won’t need to break into walls. Instead, you only need to rewire the control panel and replace the fixture.

The relatively simple installation lowers the overall cost of wireless lighting systems. With wireless lighting controls, energy usage is easily reduced.

Even though wireless lighting systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective, there is a worry about signal interference. The system is connected by radio waves, instead of wires. To minimize issues with interference it’s best to keep the wireless range short.

Did you know we have an entire blog feed dedicated to lighting control systems? We cover different industry standards, Bluetooth mesh, Rebates and incentives, different tiers of lighting controls, AI, and so much more. View all of the lighting control blogs here

Wired Lighting vs Wireless Systems with Action Services Group

A wired lighting system is connected by wires that lead back to a central location. You get a reliable and responsive lighting network. Wireless lighting systems use battery-powered devices and radio waves to connect the fixtures. These systems are easy to expand and come at a more cost-effective price.

So, which type of lighting control system is best for your applications? Contact Action Services Group today and let us help you design the best lighting control system for your project. Call 610-558-9773, emailing, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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