New Programs Help Healthcare Facilities Implement Sustainability

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Hospitals across the country are putting more focus on sustainability throughout their facility. Studies show that hospitals are one of the leading industries that use the most amount of energy. Health systems are taking part in sustainability programs in order to cut waste and help save money. There are numerous aspects of hospitals that create a lot of waste and use an extraordinary amount of energy and water. Some ways hospitals cut back on waste is by reserializing equipment instead of single use and altering HVAC settings when operating rooms aren’t in use.

It can be difficult to find ways to cut back on electricity usage when hospitals require so many medical devices to make the hospital function and keep patients healthy. One way hospitals can cut back on energy use is by switching their lighting to LEDs and other energy efficient equipment. With LED retrofits, medical facilities will be able to see a long-term return on investment. Many facilities choose LEDs over alternative lamps because they do not require as much energy to shine to their fullest potential, they also require less maintenance because they last longer.

By implementing sustainability programs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be saved in utility bills by implementing energy-efficient lighting and medical devices.

Click here to read the full article, originally published March 14, 2017, by Healthcare Finance.


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