Reimagining Retail Stores with Lighting Controls

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Traditional retail stores are seeing a steady decline in sales as e-commerce continues to grow. Online shopping is convenient, but it’s missing something retailers are beginning to capitalize on. Consumers often want an experience as they are shopping. They want to taste, smell, feel, and listen to the products they are interested in purchasing.

To bring customers back to brick-and-mortar stores, retailers are coming up with innovative methods. One is using lighting controls. When used effectively, lighting controls for retail stores can attract consumers while also improving their experience.

Lighting Control Solutions for Retail

Lighting is an asset for retailers. It can create a welcoming environment and draw attention to consumers walking by. Some retailers, like tech giants, use uniform lighting to improve their customers’ experiences. The lighting is also flexible, allowing retailers to highlight specific displays.

Upgrading existing lighting can seem expensive, but there are simple solutions that keep project costs at a minimum. Running a lighting system off of the digital addressable lighting interface (DALI), allows you to easily control individual fixtures. You can adjust light levels and outputs as necessary. It works by giving each fixture a unique address that is programmed into the lighting system. Using a PC or tablet, you are in control. The system also provides plenty of flexibility.

You can group the fixtures to create architectural lighting. Dimmers on the lights can be automatic or manual. Some solutions work with tunable LED lighting. The lights can be programmed for a specific color or change hues at various intervals.

During the project planning stages, you want to decide if you want a DALI addressable or broadcast system. An addressable system gives you control over individual fixtures. A digital addressable lighting interface broadcast system controls lights in a pre-defined group. You will need a hardwired relay for a broadcast system.

Choosing a flexible lighting control system lets you customize the lighting without the expense of redoing the wiring.

Did you know we have a Lighting Controls Education Center? We take an in-depth look at lighting controls, their different categories, the types, and strategies for multiple industries. You can take a look by clicking here.

Lighting Controls for Larger Retail Stores

Lighting controls also work in larger retail spaces like shopping centers and malls. Consumers want to feel comfortable in larger spaces, and lighting can accomplish this.

Installing bright lighting in darker areas discourages criminals. Think of areas like corridors, car parks, and storerooms. To save money, lighting controls can automate when the fixtures are on or off. Dimmers are additional lighting controls to consider. When automated, they can reduce light output when a space isn’t in use. It’s an effective way to reduce energy usage and save on utility bills.

Lighting controls for retail stores do not only improve the customer’s experience. The controls can help streamline business operations. Larger retail spaces often have hundreds or thousands of luminaires. It is challenging for business owners and managers to keep up with each fixture.

Don’t forget about emergency lighting. It’s something else requiring attention. These fixtures require manual testing at specific intervals.

Using fully adjustable lighting controls, you can simplify the process. Retailers can schedule automatic emergency lighting tests without walking around the expansive complex. The tests can be performed during business hours without disrupting consumers. When issues are discovered, the program sends you the information. The same applies to the drivers on ballasts on the DALI system. You are automatically notified if a fixture isn’t functioning properly.

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Meeting Consumers Expectations

Consumers expect a lot from their shopping experiences. They not only want to see and feel the products, but shoppers also want the environment to be safe and welcoming. Don’t forget about offering an Instagram experience. Consumers like to post unique experiences on their social media sites, and lighting controls can accomplish this.

Lighting controls for retail stores also address another consumer concern. The controls reduce energy usage, giving them a greener experience.

Action Services Group has lighting control specialists that can answer any of your retail lighting questions. To speak with one today call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

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