What is Color Tuning Lighting?

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A lack of natural lighting in indoor spaces can have a negative impact on human biology. To overcome the shortfall, building owners and managers are turning to LED color tuning lighting. It allows you to simulate natural lighting to improve occupants’ mood and health. For example, natural lighting in hospitals can speed up patients’ recovery times.

What is Color Tuning Lighting?

An LED color tuning system lets you control the light’s color anytime you want to adjust the hue. Since you can adjust it after installation, you can easily meet personal preferences. You can also adjust the lighting color for specific applications.
With color tuning, you can easily create natural lighting indoors. The system comes with presets you can use. The LED system mimics the sun’s path throughout the day. It also controls color temperature, going from cooler light in the morning and gradually warming up as the sun moves across the sky.

Not all LEDs can be color tuned. You need a specific type of LED. In our blog, Pros and Cons of Selectable Color Temperature and Wattage LEDs, we review what you need to know about these new LED lamps.

Types of Color Tuning Technology

LED color tuning systems come with three lighting options. Each setting mimics a different type of light, allowing you to set the right tone for the space or event.

Dim to Warm Lighting

Dim and warm lighting ranges from 2700 Kelvin (K) up to 1800K. A Kelvin is a unit of measurement determining the light color of the bulb. The lighting is similar to candlelight or incandescent lighting.
Color tuning dim to warm lighting gives areas the appearance of being lit by firelight. The lighting system works best in restaurants, theaters, ballrooms, and homes.

Tunable White

Tunable white color tuning mimics daylight with bluish tones. A range of 2700K to 5000K allows you to go from morning to afternoon. You often find these LED color tuning systems in museums and galleries. Medical, commercial, and industrial buildings also use tunable white lighting.

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Full-Color Tuning

Along with tunable white, you can also adjust red, green, and blue with full-color tuning. These lighting products are also called, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW. Using primary colors, the technology can create lighting colors across the spectrum.
These systems work in almost any space due to their flexibility.

If you and your organization are interested in the latest LED lighting systems, you are also going to want to read up on Lighting Control Systems. Don’t worry we have got you covered. We have an entire series and blog feed dedicated to the topic. You can read the full series here.

How to Use an LED Color Tuning System

Color tuning lighting systems are intuitive and a breeze to use. Go with the presets for a natural progression of the day or create specific colors and tones.
The systems typically come with wall control units. Most also are controllable through an app. Before choosing a color tuning system, make sure the controls are compatible with your Apple or Android device.


The brightness and color of light can affect your circadian rhythm or biological clock. Bright light produces alert and energetic feelings, while dimmer light is warm and relaxing.

Using the right color of light can improve work environments and give customers a more pleasurable experience. You can use light to highlight sale items, an event, or your company’s brand.

With an LED color tuning system you can easily control the lighting color to meet the needs of your space. Our knowledgeable lighting specialists can answer any of your questions and help you choose the right light control technology for your space. Speak to one today by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below


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