Retail Signage Can Boost Sales for Small Businesses

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Signage is one of the most common tactics for advertising a business. By placing different types of signage in high-traffic areas, it can help spread a brands message and improve brand awareness. Small businesses can use billboards as an advertising method to spread awareness of their products or services. There are different methods that can go into signage. Signage needs to be used strategically in order to help businesses achieve their goals.

There are many different ways businesses can use signage. Businesses can use signage to entertain and deliver messages to their customers, like business hours, services, and sales. For retail stores, it can show sales or advertise new merchandise. Restaurants may use signage to display items on their menu. Signage can be made to look more eye catching to customers and clients with different visuals. By displaying graphics or pictures, it can garner more attention. Businesses may even opt to use digital signage to display motion graphics or videos to engage with their audience. Exterior signage can display the businesses logo and be well-lit to attract attention from people passing by.

When installing a sign for advertising, there are three key components to consider. Location, size, and display duration need to be decided on in order to make the signage as effective as possible. The location of the sign should be where the target audience is most likely to see the sign. The size of the sign also depends on a business’s budget. A bigger sign means it will cost more money. Digital signage can be more cost effective because it can display more than one message at a time and requires less maintenance to change the display. Businesses also need to decide how long signage will be displayed. Depending on sales and limited time services, signage may need to be changed out after a certain amount of time.

Click here to read the full article, originally published May 19, 2023, by ASBN.


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