Retrofitting Can Cut Costs and Conserve Energy

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Business leaders are seeking out new ways to conserve energy and save money on utilities. Studies have shown that commercial properties use most of their electricity in lighting and HVAC. Businesses around the world are looking for ways to boost their company’s sustainability strategies and promote lowering their carbon footprint. LED lighting can even make the work environment more comfortable for employees or tenants.

LED retrofits are becoming a popular choice because of their ability to use less energy and provide a better lighting experience for consumers. LED technology is designed to give off as much lighting as possible without using a lot of energy. LEDs use less energy and give off more light than other lighting options, for example fluorescent or incandescent lighting. They even have the longest lifespan on the market, which means they require less maintenance. LEDs can have a higher upfront cost compared to their competitors but will help save money long term. LED retrofits can even be paired with smart lighting control technology to better optimize the functions of a commercial building. Smart controls allow lighting and HVAC to be monitored and managed from one central location through the internet to turn lighting and HVAC on or off when rooms or areas are not in use.

In order to save money on upfront costs of retrofits and sustainable efforts, businesses can investigate financial rebates that are being offered through private entities and different levels of government. Programs from local to federal levels, as well as utilities, are providing funding to businesses and consumers in order to stimulate people to use energy efficient technology.

Click here to read the full article, originally published September 2, 2022, by Forbes.


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