Lighting rebates have been encouraging businesses to upgrade to energy-efficient products for over ten years, and it still applies in 2022. The financial incentives no longer focus primarily on transitioning from T12 linear tubes to T8s, now the rebates cover most LED fixtures and lighting controls.

Here’s a look at commercial lighting rebates for 2022.

Lighting Rebates for 2022

Rebates are incentives encouraging businesses to switch to LED lighting, but they don’t last forever. The rebate amount is also dropping as energy-efficient lighting becomes more common on commercial properties.

While lighting rebates typically drop around 10 to 20 percent annually, the amounts are unchanged in 2021 and 2022. It’s a great incentive for businesses that haven’t made the transition to energy-efficient lighting.

Businesses are eligible for commercial lighting rebates in most states, with a few exceptions. Alaska, Kansas, Ohio, North Dakota, and West Virginia are among the states discontinuing lighting rebates for commercial customers.

There is a lot of work involved in taking advantage of lighting rebates and incentives. You might think this is an easy process that brings in free money. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Action Services Group is a fully turn-key project management company that has dedicated staff that will get you and your organization the max returns. To speak with a lighting rebate expert, schedule a call that fits you needs by clicking the button below.

Commercial Lighting Rebates for LED Bulbs and Retrofit Kits

One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade a commercial lighting system is to replace the outdated bulbs with LEDs. However, the expense does depend on your existing lighting. For example, upgrading fluorescent fixtures to more energy-efficient products is a more extensive project, especially since you have to replace ballasts.
Lighting rebates in 2022 have stayed the same for LED bulbs, with linear tubes seeing the largest drop of around six percent compared to 2021. The largest rebate boost over the last year applies to screw-in HID bulbs, by around four percent.

Commercial Lighting Rebates for Networked Controls

Networked lighting controls (NLC) are a popular option for commercial customers transitioning to an energy-efficient lighting system. Some states may also require businesses to install networked controls to meet energy codes.

These connected lighting controls can manage everything from room occupancy to daylighting across multiple facilities. These controls allow businesses to customize the lighting to meet specific needs and preferences.

Rebates for NLCs are not new, but the number of utility providers offering incentives is increasing, by around 16 percent in 2022. It should be noted that rebate amounts remain unchanged between 2021 and 2022.

While there are plenty of commercial lighting rebates from utility providers, finding them is often challenging. If you need assistance locating lighting rebates or want to know more about NLC systems, we can help!

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Use Rebates to Upgrade Your Commercial Lighting

Labor and material costs are rising, and businesses are looking for more ways to reduce their bottom line. Transitioning to LED lighting saves money on energy costs, but retrofits are often expensive.

One way businesses are reducing operating costs is by taking advantage of lighting rebates. The incentives do not cover the cost for the entire project, but they will reduce expenses.

It is the perfect time to upgrade to LED lighting. Our team of experts will help you find the right rebates to cover your lighting retrofit costs. Did you know using commercial lighting rebates can boost your project’s ROI by about 20 percent?

Contact us today and start planning your lighting project while maximizing your lighting rebates. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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