Safety Tips for Selecting Pool Lighting for Business

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The type of business and its location play a crucial role when deciding on the right lighting solution. For aquatic centers, and businesses with either indoor or outdoor pools, it’s not easy finding the right type of lighting. The process is often time-consuming and can involve some trial and error. However, the following tips can make it easier to choose the right pool lighting system.

Tips for Selecting Swimming Pool Lighting

Whether it’s an aquatic center or a hotel, spa, youth center, or other business with a swimming pool, these tips will help you select the right LED lighting.

Check the Lighting’s Ratings

You can expect to have some of the lighting close to the pool. It means you must consider how occasional water splashes will affect the lighting. Even though the lights may be illuminating an indoor pool, it’s still a good idea to consider installing outdoor lighting products. The damp conditions found typically by pools make outdoor LED lighting a good option. To ensure the pool lighting is the right choice, check the product’s IP ratings and UL listings.


Consider Lighting Placement

Before starting a swimming pool lighting installation, consider the placement. You do not want to place the lighting above the pool. Not only does this present a potential safety hazard, but it also makes routine maintenance almost impossible. Imagine trying to change a lightbulb in the pool’s deep end. Instead, create a design that calls for lighting placed around the perimeter of the pool.

Create a Uniform Lighting Design

A uniform lighting design means the light levels are not too bright or dim. Each area around the pool has adequate lighting. Using a mixture of lighting levels will help you achieve uniform light. Some ideas include using brighter lights around the pool so swimmers can easily see, and dimmer ones in lounging areas.

Avoid Creating Glare

There’s little you can do about glare created by the sun in outdoor pools, but you have some control when illuminating indoor pools. Lights that create glare are a potential safety hazard for swimmers and lifeguards. Glare can make it difficult to see if a swimmer is in your lane or experiencing trouble.

To avoid creating glare around an indoor pool, consider installing diffusers. Using uplighting and indirect light can also eliminate issues with glare. The paint on the walls can also produce glare. Using a matte finish paint can reduce the amount of lighting reflecting off of the walls and ceiling.

Pool Lighting Upgrades with Action Services Group

These are only a few safety tips to consider when selecting pool lighting. To learn more or to start your swimming pool lighting installation contact Action Services Group. Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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