The Most Common Emergency Electrical Services

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Electrical problems are the third leading cause of structural fires in commercial buildings in the United States. You may be a pro when it comes to some maintenance projects, but when you need electrical services, it is always best to contact a licensed electrician.
What emergency electric services do electricians provide, here are some of the most common ones.

Seven Emergency Electrical Services

An emergency electrician is trained to deal with an electrical problem, but some issues are more common than others. As a reminder, any electrical installation, repair, or upgrade should only be done by a licensed electrician.

Flickering, Dim, or Buzzing Lights

Lights flickering, going dim, or emitting a buzzing noise is a common complaint. The main reasons for the problem are,

  • Outdated wiring
  • Faulty circuits
  • Too much plugged into the same circuit
  • A faulty switch
  • A loose lamp


The Light Switch Doesn’t Work or Buzzes

A faulty light switch is often caused by,

  • An improper connection
  • Issues with the wiring
  • A broken switch


The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Power tripping issues are a common emergency electrical service. A few reasons why you could be having the problem,

  • An appliance may have faulty wiring causing the breaker to trip when plugged in
  • The terminal connection may have a loose screw
  • A plugged-in appliance is drawing too much current from the outlet
  • Live wiring is touching a neutral one causing a short circuit
  • The breaker needs replacing due to wear and rear

Did you know we have a more in-depth look at the most common electrical issues found in commercial buildings? This blog is not strictly geared towards electrical emergencies but more so common problems. You can review the full blog here.

Dead Outlets

One or all of your outlets might be dead. It’s a common reason commercial building owners call for emergency electrical services.

  • One or more of the fuses has tripped
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • The outlet needs replacing
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Hot Plugs or an Electrical Shock When Touched

When an electrical cord or outlet feels hot or gives you an electrical shock, it’s time to call a licensed electrician (immediately). You also want to call for emergency electrical services if the outlet is blacked, smoking, or you notice a burning odor.

  • The outlet needs repairing or replacing
  • Faulty wiring
  • A faulty appliance


High Electrical Bills


  • Faulty electrical wiring or circuit breakers
  • An energy leak in the building’s electrical system
  • Older appliances that are drawing too much energy



n Emergency Electrical Services: No Laughing Matter, Except the Last One, we take a look at some of the electrical emergencies we have seen throughout the years. They stand as a warning to not postpone calling for assistance when faced with these certain types of emergency electrical services.

Electrical Upgrading

Electrical upgrading isn’t an emergency service, but it’s still something you don’t want to do without a licensed electrician and depending upon the scope a project manager. Calling an electrician helps ensure your safety, along with everyone in the building. Some of the tasks an electrician will perform are,

  • Installing, replacing, and upgrading electrical panels
  • Installing energy-efficient lights, outlets, and switches
  • Upgrade and replace existing wiring
  • Electrical rewiring for new appliances – Refrigeration, ovens, restaurant equipment
  • Set up of electrical systems
  • Surge protection throughout the building
  • Outlet repair and installation
  • Installing and repairing exhaust fans
  • Electrical safety inspections

Emergency Electrical Services with Action Services Group

You may have the skills to handle plumbing issues and even repair an engine, but electrical work is different. You always want to call a licensed electrician anytime you need electrical services. It will save you money in the long run. It is also safer for you, your employees, and visitors.
To talk to one of our Electrical Service professionals about making Action Services Group your electrical service provider call us at 610-558-9773, email, or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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