Tips for Increasing Safety with LED Parking Lot Lighting

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In the realm of outdoor security, where safety and efficiency converge, LED Parking Lot Lighting emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. As establishments strive to meet rigorous safety standards and optimize energy use, implementing strategic lighting solutions becomes paramount. Let’s explore essential tips for maximizing safety and security with LED parking lot lighting, guided by industry standards and innovative practices.

Meeting Illumination Standards

According to recommendations by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America, achieving optimal illumination levels is crucial for ensuring safety in parking lots. The IES suggests specific standards to adhere to:

Minimum Illuminance Levels: For typical conditions, aim for a minimum horizontal illuminance of 0.2 foot-candles and a minimum vertical illuminance of 0.1 foot-candles. Enhanced security conditions may require higher levels, with minimum horizontal illuminance of 0.5 foot-candles and minimum vertical illuminance of 0.25 foot-candles.

Uniformity Ratio: Maintain a uniformity ratio of 20:1 maximum to minimum for typical conditions and 15:1 for enhanced security conditions. This ensures consistent lighting levels across the parking lot, reducing the risk of dark spots and potential hazards.

Understanding why parking lot lighting is so important to safety is critical when making decisions on upgrading your parking lot lighting to LED. We highly suggest reading our recent blog, Increase Parking Lot Safety with LED Lighting.

Strategic Lighting Design

Transitioning from traditional lighting to LED outdoor area lights offers myriad benefits, including energy efficiency and superior illumination quality. LED bulbs provide versatile options, emitting white or blue light ideal for showcasing fine details and enhancing security. Consider the following factors when designing lighting for parking lots:

Color Temperature: Opt for blue or white LED lights for high-security properties, while warmer colors may be suitable for parks and low-security areas.

Light Pole Height and Spacing: Choose the appropriate height and spacing for light poles based on the size and usage of the parking lot. This ensures uniform illumination and maximizes safety. Standard configurations include 15-20 foot poles for small lots and residential use, 20-25 foot poles for larger lots, and 25-35 foot “high mast” poles for expansive areas.


Strategic Outdoor Security Lighting

Effective outdoor security lighting goes beyond mere illumination, integrating motion sensor technology and strategic placement to enhance safety while conserving energy. Consider the following practices for optimal security.

Motion Sensor Lighting: Install motion sensor lights to activate upon detection of movement, effectively conserving electricity and drawing attention to potential trespassers.

Lighting Optimization: Position lights strategically to illuminate walkways, reduce shadows, reveal tripping hazards, and deter trespassers. Opt for fixtures with protective features to prevent tampering.

Compliance and Maintenance: Adhere to local light pollution ordinances and establish regular maintenance schedules for cleaning fixtures and replacing bulbs. Ensure that security cameras receive adequate illumination without glare to optimize surveillance capabilities.

Protect Your Parking Areas with Action Services Group

In the quest for enhanced safety and security, LED parking lot lighting emerges as a formidable ally, blending efficiency, innovation, and strategic design. By adhering to industry standards, embracing LED technology, and implementing strategic outdoor security lighting practices, establishments can illuminate safety pathways, deter potential threats, and optimize energy use in parking lot environments.

Action Services Group can help you protect your parking areas from crimes like theft and vandalism by providing expert advice on how to light your parking lots. Schedule a call with one of our experts to learn how you can have a safer future. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call to learn more!


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