Uninterruptible Power Supplies Protect Facilities in Emergencies

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Uninterruptable power supplies are used in facilities as a way to protect against power outages and other types of emergencies. It helps keep lights on so people can see emergency exits and other safety needs, like security cameras. Backup power supplies are needed across all types of facilities and, in some instances, a requirement by local code.

In some facilities, they may need backup emergency power in order to keep their computers on. Computers are crucial for almost every work environment, including offices. Installing uninterruptable power supplies will help employees maintain their work, secure their and protect their hardware. Commercial facilities, like hospitals, will continue to need access to their computers and servers in emergencies to help care for their patients and government facilities will need it to protect their important data. Businesses can also see drops in their sales if power is cut from their locations. The hardware inside computers could be affected, or damaged, if there are sudden power outages.

Uninterruptible power supplies keep power going to more than just computers. In healthcare facilities, some patients need to be kept on oxygen or have vitals monitored at all times. Losing power would be detrimental to their health and lives. In restaurants, they keep refrigerators and freezers full of food that can go bad if they lose power for too long of a time. Even prisons and police stations need back up power to maintain the safety of inmates and law enforcement.

Click here to read the full article, originally published July 25, 2023, by Mac Sources.


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