Unveiling the Dynamics of Digital Signage and Videowalls

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In our modern era, the landscape of retail, corporate, and hospitality establishments has undergone a remarkable transformation, adorned by captivating displays that captivate the senses and convey information with unparalleled clarity. These displays, emblematic of our professional and personal environments, have become an indispensable facet of contemporary life. Within the audiovisual (AV) industry, the prominence of digital signage and videowalls has surged exponentially, as integrators strive to meet clients’ demands for swift and accurate information dissemination while ensuring an immersive visual experience. Furthermore, these technologies yield tangible returns on investment, providing concrete benefits for both integrators and end users.

Exploring Market Trends and Innovations

The annual Deep Dive report by Commercial Integrator delves into the burgeoning trends and technologies shaping integrators’ business landscape, shedding light on the evolving role of content creation services and the escalating emphasis on sustainability. Drawing on insights from seasoned AV industry experts, the Digital Signage/Videowall Deep Dive offers a comprehensive glimpse into the future trajectory of these technologies.

Rising Revenue Margins

Sean Wargo, Vice President of Market Insights at AVIXA, highlights the impact of product oversupply on display prices, particularly with the proliferation of direct-view LED (DVLED) technology. As prices decrease, adoption rates soar, especially in sectors like events and entertainment, fueling revenue growth for integrators. Daniel McKenzie, Director of Engineering and Vendor Relations at IMS Technology Services, reports a notable 12% revenue increase in the division handling videowalls/digital signage, fueled by heightened demand across various applications. McKenzie emphasizes the growing utility of digital signage for information delivery, underscoring its accessibility across diverse verticals.

Content as the Epicenter

As the cornerstone of digital signage and videowalls, content creation emerges as a focal point for integrators. McKenzie emphasizes the pivotal role of content in driving sustainable installations, urging integrators to prioritize content-centric approaches and forge enduring partnerships with content creators. Joe Whitesides, Director of Experience Technology at AVI-SPL, underscores the significance of creativity in content-driven applications, anticipating continued growth in entertainment, retail, and corporate interiors verticals.

Navigating Technology and Partnership

With display technology continuously evolving, integrators must remain abreast of the latest advancements to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Wargo advocates for active engagement with manufacturers to stay informed about emerging display technologies, stressing the importance of attending trade shows to explore diverse options. Whitesides emphasizes the value of deepening relationships with select vendors to ensure comprehensive solutions that transcend mere display technology. Frankenstein underscores the importance of understanding clients’ specific needs and expectations, underscoring the pivotal role of partnerships in creating successful installations.

Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives

In an era marked by growing environmental consciousness, sustainability emerges as a key consideration in digital signage and videowall deployments. Wargo highlights the role of energy-efficient technologies and deployment strategies in minimizing environmental impact, advocating for holistic sustainability frameworks that encompass content creation and platform management. Kuder emphasizes the inherent sustainability advantages of digital signage, citing its ability to replace traditional printed materials and foster operational efficiencies. McKenzie underscores the importance of content management in ensuring the sustainability of digital signage initiatives, stressing the need for a holistic approach that prioritizes longevity and relevance.

Click here to read the full article, originally published April 15, 2024, by Commercial Integrator.


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