What Makes A Good Project Manager vs. A Bad Project Manager?

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Project managers and project management companies are present in all industries. They lead projects of various sizes, managing and ensuring timely delivery. While the majority of project managers are capable and efficient, you can run into some that fall short of accomplishing your goals. Before you hire a project manager, project management company or use someone in-house, it helps to know the differences between a good and a bad project manager.

What Makes a Good Project Manager?

Here’s what you should expect from a good project manager.

Ability to Take Responsibility for the Project

Good project managers take responsibility for the entire task. They understand the budget, timeline, and path the project needs to take for success. They can run a project similar to a small company, acting as the project CEO. As the CEO, the project manager takes responsibility for the scope, resources, and budgets. They also foster a positive working environment that accounts for the various dynamics and personalities of team members.

Understand the Market/Industry

Understanding the market or industry is crucial. A good project manager or project management company studies competitors and evaluates several alternative methods to ensure they stay on track, even when problems arise. They stay current on market trends and have experience in the industry.

These individuals take responsibility for creating and executing a plan that produces results. Good project managers do not use excuses if they fall behind schedule or go over budget.

You can expect organization and the ability to prioritize tasks. They also take the lead if issues arise.



Efficiency is a key trait you want in good project management. It includes both their time and the project’s resources. They run efficient meetings that produce results. An example of an efficiently run project management meeting often includes the following.

  • The meeting agenda has specific objects to discuss amongst team members.
  • Project meetings only include team members with experience in the topics. Not requiring everyone to attend meetings that do not deal with their areas of expertise limits confusion on why their presence is necessary.
  • Individuals have clear roles in the meeting. For example, someone takes notes or is responsible for setting up any technical tools.
  • The meeting is structured with concise action items and discussion points.

Being able to efficiently run meetings helps ensure everyone understands their role in the project.

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Provide Options and Recommendations

When assigning tasks to team members, a good project manager does not issue deadlines. Instead, they give their staff options and recommendations to help the task move smoothly along. They also describe the potential risks, along with the considerations team members want to keep in mind.

The project manager keeps project documents organized and easily available. Team members know where to find any type of document they need to complete the task.

Negotiation and Sales Proficiency

A good project manager understands what goes into creating a win-win situation. Whether it is securing a resource or a budget for the project, they can skillfully negotiate with stakeholders.

Good project managers can negotiate the best deal for both sides successfully without losing their temper or admitting defeat.

What Makes a Bad Project Manager

Not everyone is cut out to be a project manager. Here’s a look a some of the traits you find in a bad one.

Always Provides Excuses

Bad project managers can always come up with excuses for missed deadlines, going over budget, and not dealing promptly with issues. They are unable to create an effective and efficient plan and do not have a good understanding of the industry. This type of project manager also isn’t interested in building up their expertise.

Their excuses often include having to answer too many phone calls, plan too many meetings, or resolve too many issues.

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Cannot Create Efficient Meetings

Ineffective and inefficient meetings leave everyone feeling frustrated and confused. It can set project deadlines back while wasting valuable time and resources.

They do not hold team members accountable for their assigned tasks. Poor project managers also have difficulties managing more than one priority and are easily overwhelmed.

Electrical Project Solution_Call to Action

Creates Conflict with Team Members and Stakeholders

During negotiations with stakeholders and suppliers for resources and funds, bad project managers create conflict. Instead of being willing to compromise, they lose their tempers or give up before reaching an agreement.

These project managers are not organized. They, and team members, can rarely find the necessary documentation. They spend their time putting out fires, instead of being a project leader.

They do not supply options or recommendations to help complete a task. They are more likely to ask when the task will be completed. They have no difficulties voicing their opinions but rarely provide any solutions.

Let Us Manage Your Next Facility Project

A lot goes into successful project management, and we can help. Our project managers will lead your team effectively and efficiently. We will prioritize tasks and provide support and leadership to team members to ensure the successful completion of your project. Contact us today and learn how we can help. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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