Emergency Signage that Keeps your Facility Safe

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Some states like California have specific requirements when it comes to emergency signage in commercial buildings. Federal regulations also cover safety signage, and it’s not something you want to ignore. Along with potential fines from government officials, not having emergency signage can also lead to lawsuits and other penalties.

Here’s a quick look at the types of safety signage often required in commercial spaces.

Exit Signs

Exit signs are a requirement and there are specific guidelines to follow. The sign’s weight and positioning, along with the size of the font and the lamp’s brightness most meet local and federal guidelines.

Your commercial building may also need directional signs at the exits, ramps, and corridors guiding people to the doors.

Exit sign outages are one of the most common fire code violations for commercial buildings. LED emergency lighting can offer a longer lifespan and energy savings. To look at retrofitting your emergency signage, check out this blog on the topic.


Emergency Instruction Signage for Elevators

California is one of the states that requires safety signage for all of the building’s elevators. The signage must direct individuals to use the stairs in the event of an emergency. Like emergency exit signs, there are guidelines for the font, size, and positioning of the signs.

Safety signage is also required inside the elevators providing instructions on what to do if an emergency occurs.


No Smoking Signs

Most states no longer allow smoking in public places. It typically includes the workplace. No smoking signage is often required, and there are specific requirements.

The No Smoking signs must be positioned by entrances and exits. The sign should also inform individuals that smoking is only permitted in designated areas. If you have an area for smoking, you also need signage indicating the area’s boundaries.


Fire Safety Signs and Information About Emergency Procedures

Almost all commercial buildings are required to post fire safety signs. The signage should direct people to the nearest emergency exit. The emergency procedure signs should be placed on every floor in the building.

Like with the other types of required safety signage, there are guidelines to meet regarding font and positioning.

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Safety Signs Don’t Take Away from the Building’s Aesthetics

Safety is always a priority, and it often includes adding signage. While you don’t want to ignore state and federal laws, you may be worried the additional signs will take away from the look of your business.

With the right signage partner, you can meet all safety requirements without taking away from the building’s aesthetics.

Contact our talented team of experts and let us help ensure your commercial building is compliant with all safety signage requirements. Contact us today to learn more by calling 610-558-9773, email info@actionservicesgroup.com, or schedule a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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