Digital signage has almost unlimited uses in airports. When digital signs first made an appearance, airports were one of the first industries to embrace the technology. Suddenly digital displays were everywhere in airports. Why the quick embrace of the technology? The answer is fairly simple. Most airports are huge and busy places with plenty of moving parts. Digital signage for airports helps make the facilities more manageable for employees and travelers.

What is Digital Signage for Airports

Digital signage for airports refers to any screen or other type of digital display that conveys information to staff and travelers. Airports use the signs to improve travelers’ experience and streamline operations.

Travelers can more easily navigate through airports finding everything from the departure gate to baggage claim. Digital signs can save airports money by improving efficiency. The signs can also reduce stress.

Some of the common types of digital signage found in airports include,

  • TV screens
  • Touchscreen kiosks
  • Large video walls
  • Interactive tablets
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Benefits of Digital Signage for Airports and Best Uses

As more travelers take to the skies, now is the perfect time to look at some of the benefits airports get when they install or upgrade their digital signage.

Digital Menus

Airport restaurants are often busy with rushed travelers. Using digital menus allows travelers to quickly order their food without having to wait for a server. The signage also benefits restaurants. By placing digital menus on tables and at the bar, restaurants can list their offers, eliminate the need for staff to remember a changing menu, and promote daily specials.

Restaurants can also reduce operating costs by getting rid of plastic and paper menus that require frequent replacement.


Getting lost in an airport is easier than some travelers may think, especially when multiple terminals are involved. Airports with digital wayfinding signage typically see fewer lost and frustrated travelers. Some examples of wayfinding signage include digital maps, and signs highlighting the airport’s key landmarks like gates and terminals. Wayfinding kiosks are another example of digital signage.

Placing the signage in areas frequented by travelers and along their routes can help keep everyone moving along efficiently and calmly.

Baggage and Schedule Information

Placing digital signage with flight information in the front of the airport and in gathering areas lets passengers and visitors know when their flights are arriving or departing. The digital signage can also include information about baggage claim points. In the baggage claim areas, the signs can let weary travelers know where to stand to see their bags coming off of the conveyor belt.

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Display Internal Communications

While a loudspeaker can convey communications to staff, it can also interfere with airport personnel paging travelers. Some information airports may also not want to broadcast over the external communications system.

Placing digital signage in staff areas can make it easier to provide them with vital information like,

  • Staff announcements and notifications
  • Alerts on delayed flights or flights arriving earlier than anticipated
  • Updates to work policies and procedures

Digital signs can also be used to recognize outstanding employees and improve workplace culture. Airports using digital signs often have employees that are more engaged and informed.

Emergency Messaging

If an emergency occurs like a natural disaster or an active shooter, airports need a fast and reliable way to keep everyone informed. Digital signage can display emergency messages across the airport in seconds. The signage can provide updates and direct passengers and employees to safe designated areas.

Provide Entertainment

Travelers are used to long waits at airports before boarding and on layovers. Instead of leaving them sitting bored in the terminal, display signage for airports can help them stay entertained. The screens can display local news broadcasts. Airports can even stream the news from their destination points.

Digital signage can also display entertaining videos and other types of programming.


One of the most common uses of digital signage is advertising. There’s almost no limit on what you can advertise. Airports can advertise restaurants and shops in the terminals, including any specials they may be offering.

Advertisements do not need to be limited to businesses in the airport. Nearby hotels and restaurants can also pay for the advertising space. The digital signage can turn into an extra revenue stream for the airport.

Best of all, you can place the digital signage throughout the airport.

Ready to Install Digital Signage in your Airport?

Installing digital signage for airports takes some time and expertise. The signage must be integrated into the airport’s electrical system. When you are ready to install digital signage in your airport, contact Action Services Group. We can help you pick out equipment and handle the installation.

To speak with Action Services Group about your digital signage needs call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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