Benefits of Hospital Digital Signage

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Hospitals are always looking for ways to improve patients’ experiences and this includes effective communication. When hospitals can communicate easily with patients, health outcomes can improve, and it can also boost brand image. One of the most effective ways is using digital signage.

Benefits and Usage of a Hospital Signage System

Here are some of the benefits and best uses of hospital digital signage.

Guide Patients and Visitors

Hospitals are large and busy places where patients and visitors can easily get turned around. Healthcare workers are typically busy and stopping to provide directions takes up valuable time.

Using digital wayfinding signage can direct guests where they need to go whether it’s a patient’s room, waiting area, or the hospital’s cafeteria.

Self-service kiosks in lobbies and waiting areas allow patients to check in without interrupting busy staff.

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Deliver Personalize Care

Hospitals want patients to be engaged and informed about their care. The better a patient understands their health needs, the more invested they are in improving their well-being.

Patient-centered care is becoming a common focus of hospitals and digital signage like whiteboards can help healthcare facilities meet this goal. Digital displays can be easily customized and updated with the patient’s information like their vital signs, information about their healthcare team, and even the room’s phone number.

The displays can also show educational videos to help inform patients about the diagnosis and treatment. Integrating the display with the patient’s electronic health records gives them instant access to test results, treatment plans, daily schedules, and other medical data.

Reduce Anxiety in Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms can be stressful but digital signage can help alleviate some of the worries. The signage can display wait times and entertaining content. In surgical areas, the displays can keep family and friends updated on the various stages. For example, using a number to protect the patient’s privacy, the display can let loved ones know when the patient enters surgery and is moved to the recovery area.

Provide Real Time Communications

Hospitals need a fast and effective way to communicate information with patients and visitors. Flyers and bulletins are inefficient and messy. The information is often outdated by the time a patient receives the flier. Hospital digital signage takes care of this problem.

Digital signage allows healthcare facilities to provide information in real-time. The displays can easily be updated as needed, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Lobby displays can be used to tell the story of your organization. Dynamic displays can show physician profiles, share patient stories, and help inspire confidence in the facility.

When used in cafeterias, the digital displays enable fast and easy menu updates.

There are many ways that digital signage can elevate a healthcare organization. Did you know we have an entire blog feed dedicated to signage? If your healthcare organization is considering digital signage and you would like to learn more, check out our Signage Blog Feed here!

Increase Donations

Celebrating your donors is easy with digital signage, this can also help boost revenue. You can highlight your top donors, giving them recognition. The signage can also promote your services, affiliated clinics, and even the hospital gift shop. For additional revenue, space on the digital display can also be rented out to nearby businesses.

Keep Staff Informed

Keeping track of thick patient charts is time-consuming. Hospital digital signage can streamline the process and improve communication between staff. Placing a small display outside of a patient’s room provides instant and easy access to their medical history. Nurses’ stations can use the signage to display schedules, match staff with patients, and make it easier to collaborate with other healthcare providers.

Improve Patients’ Experience with a Hospital Signage System

Are you interested in learning more about hospital digital signage or ready to install a digital signage system in your healthcare facility? If so, contact Action Services Group and start improving patients’ experiences and care at your healthcare facility.

To speak with Action Services Group about your digital signage installation needs call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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