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Countries Find Solutions for Global Energy Crisis

Australia is in the face of a massive energy crisis. Their country’s solution; shut off all the lights for two hours a night. The energy minister is pushing for citizens of South Wales to turn off their lights to conserve the energy due to the crisis. South Wales...

Digital Signage Ideas for Retail

Digital Signage Ideas for Retail

By 2030, the global digital signage market is expected to become a $45.3 billion industry. Businesses are using digital signs with creative content to make employees’ and consumers’ experiences more enjoyable.   Digital signage uses LED, LCD, and projection...

2023 Most Popular Lighted Business Signs

2023 Most Popular Lighted Business Signs

Using the right type of lighted business sign attracts customers and gives them a good first impression of your company. The wrong sign may be costing you money and preventing your business from growing. A study by the University of Cincinnati states, roughly 60% of...

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