Buildsmart NY Upgrades Fixtures for Medical University

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Stoney Brook University in New York is taking part in BuildSmart NY to undergo renovations for making the campus for energy efficient. The campus consists of five major buildings and all of them have been retrofitting with new LED lighting. The campus consists of a variety of buildings including a medical center and educational buildings such as libraries, classrooms, research labs, and administrative offices. Contractors had the added difficulties of working around the medical staff in the health buildings and working in rooms with limited access.
BuildSmart NY is a state program to improve energy efficiency in government buildings across the state. The program included upgrading the lighting throughout the Stoney brook facilities as well as the wiring kits that can withstand the new lighting retrofits. The project upgraded approximately 38,000 bulbs across the campus. The LED lamps have a significantly higher warranty than others on the market. Stoneybrook has an eight-year warranty to account for the lumen depreciation. Since it is a 24-hour facility, the lumen depreciation mark would be shorter than a typical office facility.
This new retrofit is helping Stoney Brook University save money long-term. They will be saving about $700,000 annually with the LED lighting fixtures over the alternative bulbs. These fixtures will require less maintenance over time and the bulbs can be upgraded in 10 years without doing any maintenance work on the wiring kits.
Click here to read the full article originally posted on Faculty Executive.


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