Pennsylvania Boarding School Converts to Digital Signage

by | Mar 22, 2022 | 0 comments |

At the George School in Pennsylvania, their new athletic center features digital signage rather than typical bulletin boards to communicate with students in a more interactive way. The Director of Technology, Michael Hodgin, was investigating cost-effective ways to add digital signage around the school. They installed four digital signs around the athletic center in specific departments. The images and information that are featured on the new signs are managed by the staff who run that department of the athletic center.
The new signs feature news that is important for students and staff. It shows upcoming events like theatre shows and athletic games. Information and announcements from the dean such posts from their social media pages and blog feed. Other school social media feeds will also appear on the slides throughout the day as well as pictures featuring students during athletic events, shows or student artwork. The news signs also promoted the change of class schedules during the pandemic while they made the change to hybrid learning.
Having digital signage makes promoting important announcements easier for the student body. Rather than having to make flyers and post them over the different areas of campus, students or staff can easily add a new slide to the digital signs. They recently upgraded their plan to include unlimited slides on their signs to promote as much information as they need. The Goerge School is also focusing on adding more signs around their facility.
Click here to read the full article originally posted on eSchools News.


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