Choosing the Best LED Lighting for Retail Stores

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Retail LED lighting is changing how products and spaces are highlighted, but the design is crucial. Here’s what you should know about LED lighting for retail stores.

What is LED Lighting for Retail Stores?

Retail lighting should use LEDs instead of fluorescent and PAR fixtures. Unlike other types of lighting, LEDs are energy-efficient, last for an average of 50,000 hours, and are available in various color temperatures.

A popular type of retail lighting is known as directional lighting. LEDs allow you to control the light’s angle and color brightness to draw attention to a specific product or space in the store.

Retailers may not need to replace all of their lighting fixtures, often a retrofit is all you need to take advantage of LED lighting.

The Advantages of Using Retail LED Lighting

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting are only suitable for one or two retail applications. You are limited in light temperature and color-rendering index. In comparison, LED lighting is customizable. You can use LEDs to create the ideal ambiance for the space.

LED strip lights and custom guide panels are a couple of examples of retail LED lighting. You can use the fixtures to improve the appearance of displays or showcase products on a shelf. LED lighting can also separate various sections, improve the store’s layout, and highlight the décor.

The advantages of using LED strip lights in retail spaces are almost endless. You can also take advantage of the energy savings and low maintenance costs.

Retailers need to pay special attention to the color rendering index, especially R9. What is R9 and why do you need to take it into consideration. It effects they way your eyes perceive color. You can learn more about color rendering index R9 here.


How to Use Retail LED Lighting Effectively

Using LED lighting effectively in retail often depends on four designs. The possible uses are almost endless, but these are the basic configurations.

  1. Ambient lighting ensures you do not have any dark or low-lit places in the store.
  2. Task lighting highlights a specific area like the checkout counter, employee changing area, and store signage.
  3. Accent lighting showcases a specific display, shelf, or product.
  4. Decorative lighting makes the retail space seem more inviting to staff and customers.

Consider These 9 Retail LED Lighting Tips

  1. Contrast, define, and highlight specific products or areas, instead of relying on the light’s brightness level.
  2. Adding targeted accent lighting to lower shelves can help get these often missed products noticed by customers.
  3. Using vertical lighting can help visitors feel more comfortable in the retail space.
  4. Building light-in means integrating LED lighting into spaces to promote specific items.
  5. Accent lighting can increase sales by improving the ambiance in a space.
  6. Instead of using flood lights, create a layered look for a more comfortable retail space.
  7. The best color temperatures for retail spaces run between 3000k to 4000k.
  8. A higher CRI of around 85 to 90 produces higher quality light.
  9. Adding color like cool lighting backgrounds can improve comfort and increase sales.


LED Retail Lighting with Action Services Group

Retail lighting affects multiple aspects of your business from comfort to sales numbers. If you have questions about an LED retrofit or about creating effective retail LED lighting, contact us today to learn more. For more information on Retail LED Lighting, LED products, and retrofits for your retail stores, contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email or schedule a call.


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