Bluetooth Mesh Simplifies Lighting Control Systems

by | Mar 22, 2022 | 0 comments |

Bluetooth technology is advancing with the development of Bluetooth mesh. Bluetooth mesh provides one easy hub for wireless lighting control needs for consumers. First developed in 2017, this technology allows people to control their lighting controls from their smartphones or other devices. Bluetooth mesh gives access for consumers to effortlessly schedule and synchronize their lights without the use of outdated timers. Businesses and property managers can use this as a means of conserving energy resulting in saving money from utilities.
Bluetooth mesh relies on nodes in order to keep the lights running. The nodes can be controlled via an app or computer for easy management. They also do not require internet access to be controlled. In the event of a power outage or emergency, the managers still need to have access to the nodes that control the wireless network. The management can be controlled in different zones and have up to 16 different time events that lights need to go on and off. This is most effective in office buildings when lighting is used during the week and barely on weekends.
Businesses and property managers will have more control over their wireless lighting control systems while using Bluetooth mesh. Having more control over the lighting systems helps reduce energy consumption and then save money from using less electricity. Bluetooth mesh can be adapted to different size projects from large buildings to smaller scale properties.
Click here to read the full article originally posted on LEDs Magazine.


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