Department of Energy Continues Ban on Incandescent Bulbs

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As a means to promote sustainability within the country and cut back on energy usage, the energy department will be instating bans on some lightbulbs, specifically incandescent. Retailers are required to sell energy-efficient lightbulbs, like LED lighting, within their stores so incandescent lights can begin the process of getting phased out. DOE reported that incandescent lights will no longer be available for purchase starting in July and any retailer selling the lamps after that time will receive a fine and could pay over $500 for every illicit bulb they sell. Other lights like halogen and CFLs may be banned in the future due to mercury content.

LEDs have been leading the competition in lighting technology. It has proved to be more energy-efficient, has a longer lifespan and better lighting performance. LEDs do not require heat in order to produce light like other lamps do, therefore they don’t require as much energy to create light and they will reach full brightness at a faster rate. Since they have a longer lifespan, the lights don’t need to be replaced as frequently as incandescent lights.

Although the benefits of LEDs trump the ones of incandescent and other alternative lighting options, LEDs tend to be more expensive per bulb. However, with the energy and maintenance savings that can be procured from LEDs, there is long term ROI that can be gained.

Click here to read the full article, originally published April 4, 2023, by The Hill.



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