Do You Need A Commercial Electrician? – 6 Sure Ways To Know

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Freezing temperatures in the winter and hot summer days can take a toll on your facility’s heating and cooling systems. Are they ready for the seasonal changes? What about your electric appliances? Are they energy efficient?
Whenever an electrical system or appliance goes out, you know it’s time to call an electrician. But what about the less obvious times? Here’s a quick look at when you need to call a commercial electrician.

7 Ways to Know You Need a Commercial Electrician

Here are a few scenarios where you need to call for professional electrical services.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Blowing a fuse occasionally usually isn’t a sign of a problem. Chances are, you have too many appliances running off of the same breaker. Dividing the appliances between other breakers typically resolves the problem.
It’s different when the circuit breakers are constantly tripping. It can mean the circuits are drawing more current than they can safely handle. It can also indicate an issue with one or multiple breakers.

If you think you might have a breaker issue but are still unsure, try reading Emergency Electrical Services: No Laughing Matter, Except for the Last One. This blog reviews several scenarios we have seen where a commercial electrician was a must and several of them are breaker related.

Planning Extensive Renovations

Before you start any remodeling project, it’s best to consult with a professional electric services company. They can mark where the electrical wiring is, preventing you from any unfortunate accidents. If your renovations include additions to the facility, a commercial electrician will take care of running any necessary wiring.

Installing Industrial Equipment

It’s never a good idea to install industrial equipment without a commercial electrician. It also applies to interior and exterior lighting fixtures and systems. Updates and electrical grounding are often required, and it’s something only an electrical services provider is equipped to handle.

In this electrical services case study, we take a look at a national bagel and coffee chain that required interior electrical maintenance and project management expertise for the installation of new ovens in 320 locations. You can read the full case study here.

Purchasing an Older Commercial Property

When you are getting ready to purchase an older commercial property, always have the electrical systems inspected by a professional. Chances are, the wiring, circuit breakers, and even electrical outlets will require updating.

Outlets and Switches are Warm to the Touch

If outlets and light switches are warm or hot to the touch it can indicate an electrical problem. The wiring might be old, or the circuits are being overloaded.

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Flickering Lights or Waning Appliances

Lights that flicker and appliances that wan during their operating modes can be a sign of an electrical problem. The appliance or HVAC system might be drawing too much power. In this case, the solution is usually moving it to a dedicated circuit breaker.

Commercial Electrical Services with Action Services Group

These are the most obvious signs you need a commercial electrician. Others may not be as easy to spot. It’s always a good idea to schedule routine inspections from an electrical services company and call a commercial electrician anytime you think you may have a problem.
To talk to one of our Electrical Service professionals about making Action Services Group your electrical service provider call us at 610-558-9773, email or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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