Exterior Lighting for the Education Sector

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Exterior lighting is essential in the education sector. It illuminates school grounds helping to keep students and faculty safe. The outdoor lighting for schools also provides added security for nearby neighbors.
Now, exterior lighting for the education sector is also energy and cost-effective. Advanced LED technology and lighting controls are making it easier for schools to reduce their energy usage while still keeping the grounds brightly lit.
Choosing the right exterior lighting for the education sector comes with several variables. To help you make the right decision for your campus, here are three lighting aspects to consider for elementary and middle schools, high schools, and university campuses.

Exterior Lighting for Elementary and Middle Schools

Elementary and middle schools typically have the smallest campuses in terms of square footage. Often located in neighborhoods, exterior lighting for these schools requires a few considerations.


Glare from outdoor lighting is a safety issue for schools. Drivers can be distracted by the bright light, and it can even blind them temporarily. Schools want to limit glare for the safety of students, bus drivers, and neighborhood residents.
Using luminaires with a lower BUG rating helps limit glare and ensure the light is directed where it needs to go.


School playgrounds can be tough on exterior lighting. Fixtures can be hit with balls and harsh weather can also cause damage.
Walls packs with die-cast aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens are durable enough to withstand almost any school playground condition. Wire guards can also boast durability.
Fixtures with IP65 and Approved for West Locations certificates are something else to look for in your outdoor lighting.

Light Trespass

It’s not uncommon for elementary and middle schools to be located in residential areas. It means light trespass is an important consideration. You don’t want light from your outdoor fixtures disturbing residents in their homes.
Choose luminaires with full-cutoff features. Another option is adding a cut-off shield to the fixture to prevent light from shining into your neighbors’ windows
You also want to look at the fixture’s BUG rating to get an idea of how good it is at directing the light. Fixtures with lower ratings are usually better at directing the light.

Did you know we have an interactive Lighting and LED Product Education section on our website? This section offers an in-depth look at lighting and LED products that you might be considering for your school.

Exterior Lighting for High Schools

High schools are also often located in neighborhoods, but their campuses are usually much larger.


Vandalism occurs at a higher rate on high school campuses, making security essential. Motion sensor enabled lighting works with your security cameras to help prevent vandalism and identify offenders.
Motion sensors also reduce light trespass and lower energy usage by only turning the lights on when movement is detected.

Energy Savings

Larger campuses require more lighting to cover parking lots, multiple entrances, and perimeter illumination. Installing lighting controls reduces energy usage on large campuses. The controls automatically dim or turn off the lights when the space isn’t in use.
Switching to LED lighting will bring additional energy savings.

Dark Sky Compliance

High schools can reduce light pollution by installing dark sky compliant lighting fixtures. It benefits residents and wildlife.
Avoiding blue light and choosing warmer colored temperature bulbs reduces light pollution. It also helps to add cut-off shield technology and full-cutoff lights in the installation. It helps ensure the light is directed where it’s needed.


Exterior Lighting for Universities

Pinpointing three exterior lighting needs for universities is complicated. Campus size and design vary, along with external structures. Dorms, pathways, parking lots, lecture halls, and sports facilities all have different outdoor lighting requirements.
These three outdoor lighting aspects for universities focus on the best overall practices.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are vital on school campuses. Outdoor lighting for universities needs to ensure entrances and pathways are illuminated. You also want to ensure emergency phones are well lit to give everyone on campus a feeling of security.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls like motion sensors and timers can reduce energy usage on large university campuses. You can also take advantage of rebate programs for additional savings. We can help you find lighting controls eligible for the discounts.

Consistent CCT

Exterior lighting for universities uses different types of luminaires, making it essential you have a current CCT for each of the outdoor installs. Having a consistent CCT makes the campus more comfortable for students, faculty, and visitors by improving the overall look.
Exterior Lighting Upgrades with Action Services Group
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