An uninterruptable power supply comes in handy when there’s electrical failures like blackouts or natural disasters. Backup power can help maintain power so necessary devices can remain in use until power comes back on. These power is supplied through generators, and they can be various sizes depending on the size of the building and the needs of the facility. Some backup generators are powered by batteries or diesel fuel. Having backup power systems allows extra protection for security purposes and essential ways of communicating throughout a facility or an office.

Generators and backup power supplies can have things plugged into them or be wired into the building itself to ensure the lighting and emergency signs are working for guests, tenants or employees. Things like computers, televisions, phones, and wireless internet routers can be plugged into a generator as a means of communication and entertainment. Keeping a line of communication available is important in case of emergencies or disasters. For buildings such as hospitals or other care facilities, they will need bigger back-up power supplies to keep their patients safe. Some require medical devices in order to keep their health in check like heart monitors or breathing devices. Those types of heavy equipment cannot be plugged into any type of generator.

Maintaining power during emergencies is a matter of security. Keeping power available helps keep emergency lights on like exit signs and lighting stairwells during a time of need. In medical facilities some types of medical supplies, like medicine, need to be kept in certain temperatures to stay viable. Hospitals also need operating rooms to remain in use for surgeries.

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