How Facility Mangers Can Benefit From Lighting Controls

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More facilities are installing lighting control systems as a way to better manage the energy usage throughout the building and make building management more efficient. The types of lighting controls that can be used throughout a facility include motion sensors, daylight sensors and dimmers. Some lighting controls can be controlled by a timer and the center of the controls can be accessed via Bluetooth or wired controls. In a commercial building, they can be managed in different ways. Smaller facilities may have lighting controls for each individual fixture. Other ways to control lighting are through different zones, for example having controls for an entire room or floor.

Building owners and facility managers can see lots of benefits from adding lighting controls. Having sensors can cut down on the amount of energy being consumed and lower the electric bill. When rooms or office spaces aren’t being used, the motion sensors can shut the lights off. When employees have control over the lighting in their workspaces, they have the ability to make it a more comfortable environment and improve workplace efficiency. Lighting controls can give employees the power to control the brightness and color of the lights surrounding them. This type of technology is even available to use on some HVAC systems.

Lighting controls and intelligent buildings can benefit all types of facilities. Manufacturing and industrial buildings are starting to use Bluetooth mesh as a way to better control lights throughout large facilities. Having lighting controls throughout hospitality and medical facilities will help patients and patrons have a better experience throughout their stay. Even retail stores and restaurants are able to set an ambiance with intelligent building controls that fulfill their aesthetics.

Click here to read the full article. Originally published, September 13, 2029, by Facilities Net.


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